Originally eating jujube can't replenish blood? Doctor: Many girls don't like real blood-tonic food.

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Originally eating jujube can't replenish blood? Doctor: Many girls don't like real blood-tonic food.

2019-03-01 15:47:16 423 ℃

Many people already know that red meat, animal blood and liver are the best choice for tonifying blood. These foods are rich in heme iron, which is highly absorbed by the human body.

As for the traditional "blood tonifying artifact"-brown sugar and jujube, it has long been disproved by nutrition and medical professionals. Their iron content is not too high in itself, and they are non-heme iron which is not easily absorbed by human body, so they can not play a role in tonifying blood.

As for why female friends are more comfortable eating brown sugar or red dates during menstruation, hot water and sugar are more important than blood tonic.

But for female friends who love anemia, it is obviously difficult to accept this reality. Because in order to be healthy, they really want to nourish their body, but they really don't like red meat, animal blood and animal liver.

Recently, hawthorn, a new blood-tonifying artifact, appeared on the Internet, which made many female friends seem to have found the savior, but can Hawthorn really play the role of blood-tonifying? Here's a detailed analysis:

The hawthorn is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C can reduce the hard-to-absorb non-heme iron (trivalent iron) to heme iron (divalent iron), promote the absorption of iron in intestinal tract, and improve the utilization of iron. The theory of vitamin C

is not a problem indeed. Many doctors also ask anemia patients to take iron supplements and vitamin C tablets together. The purpose is to promote iron absorption.

But even if vitamin C is helpful in the absorption of non-heme iron, the premise of this help is that food is naturally rich in iron. < p > < p > and hawthorn contains only 0.9 mg of iron per 100 g, so the effect of iron supplementation is very poor when hawthorn is eaten only.

In fact, even if there is really a kind of food with high non-heme iron content, vitamin C content is also high. Finally, the human body can absorb heme iron is also very difficult to compare with red meat, animal blood and animal liver. However, if buckwheat with more vitamin C intake, it can really play a better blood tonic effect.

So the nutritionist in the explosive nutrition class here advises all female friends not to always think about eating some favorite food to supplement the blood.

Animal blood and liver may be difficult for some girls to eat, but red meat such as beef, mutton and pork may have a slightly lower iron content than blood and liver, but they can be eaten in a variety of ways. I believe you can also find the one you like to eat.

Friends, do you often eat these kinds of blood tonic foods? You may leave a message in the comments section below to share your life experience.