Liver and gallbladder are not good, all diseases are entangled! Spring uses this to dredge liver and gallbladder, good mood, good sleep

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Liver and gallbladder are not good, all diseases are entangled! Spring uses this to dredge liver and gallbladder, good mood, good sleep

2019-03-01 15:47:19 533 ℃

< p > < p > Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that Spring belongs to wood and corresponds to liver. Therefore, the Spring Festival is mainly about nourishing the liver, coupled with the vigorous liver-qi in spring, which is also the best time to dredge the liver and gallbladder meridians.

TCM theory holds that "liver governs mood" and "anger hurts liver". Therefore, in addition to dredging the liver and gallbladder meridians and regulating liver qi, we should also vigorously refrain from anger or depression. By going out and sunning more, we can promote the spirit of spring sun and achieve the purpose of normal functioning of the viscera and organs of the human body.

Liver Meridian Depression or not?

Look at these three places!

1, look at the eyes : If the liver-qi is impassable, when the liver-fire is too strong, the eyes will start to appear problems, it will be easy to dry, astringent, so in the early spring of this season, many people should pay special attention to their eyes, whether there is dry and astringent, this is a manifestation of too strong liver-fire.

2. Look at the mouth: We close the mouth, between the upper and lower lips, a little inside, whether it is dry or wet. If we feel the inner side of our lips drying, it generally belongs to the liver fire is too strong, liver gas floating. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < strong > 3. Look at Tiger mouth: < / strong > our tiger mouth, that is, the middle point between the root of our thumb and index finger. This location is usually pink and ruddy, but we found many people in the early spring, here is obviously green. In the reflex area of the palm, the tiger mouth corresponds to the liver area. If it turns green here, it generally represents the impassability of liver-qi, which is the manifestation of liver-fire and liver-depression.

Many people are well-paid, their skin is oily, their mouth is dry and their mouth is bitter, their chest is stuffy, and they can't go to the hospital for examination.

is characterized by the swelling of green tendons at the Sun Point, the swelling of meat mounds on the palms, and the deep red color, which is actually the burden of the liver. Often stay up late, poor liver and gallbladder conditioning, can cause hepatitis, cholecystitis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke.

Want to soothe the liver and regulate qi,

What should we do?

< p> soothing liver and strengthening gallbladder, friends with bad gallbladder must practice!

early tapping gallbladder meridian good health

late pushing liver meridian good sleep

[tapping gallbladder meridian: Yang Qi]

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[Method] Using hollow fist every day, tapping the gallbladder meridian, tapping 10 minutes, tapping into fever, can promote liver and gallbladder detoxification, enhance the body's immunity, is the only way to enhance the body's health.

in the surface of liver and gallbladder, when the liver and gallbladder are not comfortable, it will affect the gallbladder, so it should be regulated at the same time. In spring, Yang Qi develops on the basis of the gallbladder meridian, and the gallbladder leads to Yang. So when we get to the cold, we should tap on the gallbladder meridian, and the Yang Qi will grow, and the spring will be in a good state.

[Pushing Liver Meridian before Bed: Detoxification]

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[Position] The liver Meridian and the gallbladder Meridian are exactly the opposite, and they are located in the medial thigh, that is, the position of underwear line.

[Method] Before going to bed every day, bend and open your legs. Start with your left leg, fold your hands at the base of your thighs, and push forward slightly to your knees. First left, then right, pushed 50 times repeatedly can smooth the liver meridian, regulate liver qi, so that the liver and gallbladder can fully detoxify in sleep, and you will have a dream.

Does before and after the female menstruation, may regulate menstruation, maintain gynecology, lose weight and keep face; the male physique drops, can not play spirit, easy to insomnia, may also use it to generate yang, energetic, improve the quality of life; and the elderly family, may use it as the daily homework of health care.

< p> has good liver function and has direct and obvious changes in many chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and so on.

hepatobiliary detoxification, effectively improve the basis of health-digestive function. Through several hepatobiliary detoxification, the disturbed allergy will gradually disappear. In addition, all neck and shoulder stiffness and back pain will disappear. You will feel unprecedented energy. So, do it according to the method introduced in the article.