People with good hearts and lungs often have three common points, even if only one is good!

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People with good hearts and lungs often have three common points, even if only one is good!

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Good cardiopulmonary function is the cornerstone of health.

The continuation of life does not leave the beating of the heart, and every breath is inseparable from the exchange of air in the lung. < p > < p > < heart main blood vessel, upward toward the lung, lung main qi, through the heart vein, the two cooperate with each other. < p > < p > < p > If the heart blood is sufficient, the lungs will be vigorous and the lungs will be plentiful, and the heart blood will run normally. Therefore, good cardiopulmonary function is the cornerstone of longevity. < p > < p > and studies also show that people with better cardiopulmonary function tend to live longer. People with good heart and lungs tend to have three common points, even if only one of them is good!

< p> < strong > 1. Smooth breathing, no chest tightness

< p> developed myocardium, large cardiac capacity, adequate blood supply, there will be no chest tightness, shortness of breath and other conditions. < p > < p > with large vital capacity and good gas exchange in the lungs, the breathing is smooth, the chest is well developed, the respiratory muscles are strong, the breathing is slow and deep.

2, blood pressure is normal

< p>

before blood pressure measurement, within half an hour, avoid fatigue, anxiety, excitement, intense activity, smoking, urination, drinking strong tea or coffee, so as to avoid affecting the measurement results. < p > < p > 3 times each time. After the completion of the pressure measurement once, wait for 2 minutes and then take the average value. The best ratio of diastolic to systolic blood pressure was 50%~70%. < p > < p > if, less than 25%, or more than 70%, indicating poor cardiopulmonary function.

< p> < strong > 3, ruddy, lustrous

< p> good cardiopulmonary function, the whole body Qi-blood movement and viscera, also healthy. < p > < p > < p > Red, yellow and faint, bright and moist, with blood color, cardiopulmonary function is better. < p > < p > Good lungs, normal ventilation function, fair and moist skin, skin permeability. < p > < p > Once the face is dark and dull, or even rusty, cardiopulmonary function is not good and Qi and blood flow is not smooth.

a small test, self-test cardiopulmonary function

1, prepare timer tools (stopwatch, mobile phone)

2, take several deep breaths first, then, hold your breath after deep breathing, record the time of holding your breath.


breath-holding test>30 seconds, cardiopulmonary function was excellent. < p > < p > breath holding test for 20-30 seconds showed good cardiopulmonary function. < p > < p > breath holding test for 10-20 seconds showed poor cardiopulmonary function. Within 10 seconds of breath-holding test,

, cardiopulmonary failure should be considered and medical examination should be conducted as soon as possible.

to nourish the heart and lungs, insist on doing this:

1, heart and lungs in the morning, deep breathing

to regulate the heart and lungs in the morning, to collect sunlight in the afternoon, and to regulate the liver and kidney in the evening.

< p > Morning is the golden time to nourish the heart and lungs. At this time, you might as well take a deep breath.

First, rub your hands or clap your hands.

Two-handed heart, Laogong acupoint, is the key point to maintain the heart, rubbing, patting, conducive to channel activation, help heart health.

and then begin to practice abdominal breathing, vomit the old and take the new, nourish the cardiopulmonary function.

When inhaling, the lower abdomen slightly extends out, and when exhaling, the lower abdomen recedes. After getting up in the morning,

often practices like this, which can adjust cardiopulmonary function and enhance vital capacity.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LO5lnYowD"/>p>p>p>p>p>p>p>strong>2. Drinking more tea, moistening the heart and lungs
p>p>lung, moistening and disgusting, drinking more tea is very beneficial to the lungs.

and the use of heart-nourishing small plants, soaking in water and drinking, can also nourish the mind and calm the mind, help sleep, good for heart health.

Make a cup of Dandelion Double Ginseng Tea to soothe the mind.

Use ginseng, tail ginseng, lily, dandelion and buckwheat to make water instead of tea and soothe the mind and help sleep.

Ginseng can strengthen heart qi and invigorate lung qi. Tail ginseng, soft and moist, beneficial five Zang organs, delaying aging. < p > < p > Lily, nourishing heart and mind, nourishing yin and moistening lung, enhancing resistance. Tartary buckwheat can clear away heat and reduce fire, reduce blood pressure and improve microcirculation.

dandelion, clear away heat and fire, several collocations, not cold and not dry, can nourish the mind and calm the mind.

Drink Puju Platycodon tea, moisten lung, relieve cough and promote detoxification.

Dandelion, Chicory Root, Platycodon grandiflorum and Radix Ginseng can moisten the lungs, detoxify the lungs and relieve cough. < p > < p > dandelion, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, can improve chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc., good for the health of the throat.

Platycodon grandiflorum can promote lung, expectorate phlegm, relieve pharynx and expel pus, etc. Taishen can nourish yin and moisten lung, nourish body fluid and relieve thirst, improve dry cough and less phlegm, and dry throat and tongue.

Chicory root, clearing away heat and detoxification, enhancing human immunity, matching together, moistening lung and detoxifying, relieving inflammation and cough, promoting body fluid and pharynx, is a good choice.

< p> < strong > 3. Strengthen exercise, strengthen heart and lung

< p> < p>

One week cardiopulmonary exercise plan:

< p> < 1 day: aerobic exercise. Day 2: Strength training and stretching training. Day 3: Aerobic exercise. Day 4: stretching training. Day 5: Strength training. Day 6: Aerobic exercise and stretch training. < p > < p > 7th day: rest.

Aerobic exercise, the best choice is to walk fast, about 120-140 steps per minute.

Heart rate decreased by 170 when exercising. For example, the heart rate of 40-year-olds was about 130, and that of 60-year-olds was about 110.

Strength training and squatting are recognized as one of the cardiac exercises. < p > < p > soothing stretching exercises can help reduce tension and make blood pressure more stable.

Sit on the floor with your left leg flat on the left side and your right hand over your head to reach the tips of your left foot. Hold for 30 seconds and change to the other side.

Swimming has a good effect on improving cardiovascular and respiratory function. When swimming, the resistance of water must be overcome to make the heart beat more vigorously and breathe more vigorously. < p > < p > The suitable exercise intensity: heart rate is 120-130 beats/min. < p > < p > exercise time, more than 20-30 minutes.

beginners can only exercise for 4-5 minutes at a time. After several weeks of hard work, they gradually increase to 30 minutes.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LO5lnxbVQ"/>

strong>4, happy mood, nourishing heart and lung

heart and lung, most afraid of sadness and depression.

< p> All diseases are born of qi, often angry, can cause heart and lung injury.

Anger, when angry, will lead to faster heartbeat, heart attack is twice as likely.

When emotional impulse occurs, breathing will be rapid, and even excessive ventilation will occur.

< p> The alveoli are expanding constantly, and without time to contract, they will not be able to relax and rest as they should, thus endangering the health of the lungs.

Therefore, it is necessary to nourish the heart and lungs and keep a happy mood everyday.

5, quit smoking and drinking, reduce the burden

alcohol and tobacco enter the heart and lungs, causing great harm.

Therefore, in life, we should pay attention to quitting smoking and alcohol, to reduce the burden on the heart and lungs.

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