A 52-year-old man with back pain died suddenly one day. The doctor was caught off guard. The disease was really dangerous.

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A 52-year-old man with back pain died suddenly one day. The doctor was caught off guard. The disease was really dangerous.

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"Doctor, I've had a pain in my back for a day. It's like a tear. It's not as bad as it was yesterday." Lao Li, 52, accompanied by his wife and son, came to the hospital and said to the doctor.

Doctors found that Lao Li had high blood pressure for several years and took antihypertensive drugs when he was uncomfortable, but he forgot better. At this time, the doctor measured Lao Li's blood pressure and found that the difference between left and right hands was as high as 25 mmHg. At this time, the doctor's facial expression is grave, so the blood pressure difference between right and left hands is usually 5-10 mmHg.

Think of Lao Li. Sudden tear back pain, increased blood pressure difference between left and right hands, high possibility of aortic dissection, this disease is very dangerous. Before the doctor took measures, Lao Li suddenly fainted.

"Don't scare me, old man..." cried the patient's wife.

Doctors were also caught off guard, but recovered instantaneously and carried out treatment. At this time, the patient's carotid pulsation and breathing had stopped. However, after two hours of rescue, Lao Li could not come back because of aortic dissection, so he left.

What is aortic dissection? In general, the arteries of normal people are divided into three layers: intima, media and adventitia.

Because of local tear of intima and strong blood impact, intima gradually peels off and expands, forming true and false lumen in the artery, leading to a series of manifestations, including tear-like pain.

< p> Once the intima is torn, there is a great chance of rupture without proper and timely treatment, just like a river break, once ruptured, the patient will die within a few minutes.

Doctor explained that the onset of hypertension was closely related to

hypertension, which was the main cause of atherosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis

generally occurs between the intima and the middle layer. Once atherosclerosis occurs, the blood vessels become particularly brittle.

When blood pressure suddenly increases, the intima is likely to tear, causing blood flow to rush out of the intima and causing danger.

aortic dissection, when it occurs, there will be three kinds of differences:

1, pain, the most important point, mainly in the chest, the degree of pain is very serious, showing laceration or knife cutting pain. < p > < p > 2, loss of appetite, and usually vomiting and diarrhea. < p > < p > 3, the pulse is too fast. When measuring the pulse, the abnormal pulse rate usually occurs, and the pulse rate is too fast.

In life, people with hypertension should pay attention to these points:

< p> < strong> 1, take medicine on time, and do not stop medication without authorization

< p> For people with hypertension, to control blood pressure, adherence to medication is the key and the most important point. However, there is a misunderstanding in many hypertensive patients that blood pressure is stable and antihypertensive drugs can be stopped, which is a very fatal misunderstanding.

Stopping medication without authorization, or reducing the dosage of medication, will lead to uncontrollable and unstable blood pressure, once blood pressure suddenly rises, it will certainly pose a threat to life.

2, often drink substitute tea drinks, reduce lipid and blood pressure

people with high blood pressure, often drink substitute tea drinks, which can help reduce lipid and blood pressure and stabilize blood pressure.

substituting for tea is to drink with herbal medicines and water, which is very beneficial to health. Between < p > < p > meals, make a cup of < strong > Yuanhe Kuding tea, regulate blood lipid, reduce blood pressure and promote detoxification.

Taraxacum leaves, lotus root and bitter Ding with water instead of tea can reduce lipid, blood pressure and detoxify, and contribute to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

< p> < round lotus contains flavonoids and alkaloids, which can reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride, reduce whole blood specific viscosity and hematocrit, thus improving blood viscosity, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure, and preventing thrombosis.

Ilex kudingi can increase myocardial blood supply, anti-atherosclerosis, also can clear heat and disperse wind, can reduce blood pressure, has great benefits for hypertensive patients. Water extract of

dandelion can reduce serum triglyceride and effectively increase high density lipoprotein, which is helpful to improve blood lipid health and cardiovascular health.

With a cup of tea, it can promote the body detoxification, reduce fat, blood pressure, improve blood viscosity, stabilize blood pressure and protect blood vessel health.

3, more vegetables and fruits and grains, prevent constipation

For people with high blood pressure, it is necessary to prevent and improve constipation. < p > < p > because once constipation occurs, forced defecation can easily lead to elevated blood pressure, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, sudden death and so on, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, in life, people with hypertension must pay attention to the prevention of constipation and keep intestinal tract unblocked. Drinking more water and sipping slowly helps to moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. In addition, vegetables, fruits and grains are also indispensable.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, containing dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients, not only contribute to intestinal health, for vascular health, but also very beneficial to enhance vascular elasticity.

Miscellaneous grains, containing crude fibers, are very beneficial to intestinal health. It is advisable to eat a little in daily life to avoid food being too delicate, which is not conducive to intestinal health.

4, good mood management, no excitement

hypertension, emotional management is very important.

< p> Once you are in a state of fatigue, tension and excitement for a long time, you will have higher blood pressure and increase the risk of adverse consequences.

Therefore, people with hypertension should keep optimistic and happy mood, avoid ecstasy, anger, depression, sadness, fear and fright, and guard against excessive fatigue.

5, wake up in the morning slowly

Studies have shown that human blood pressure is more likely to rise in the morning after an overnight circulation, leading to other complications. The morbidity of cardiovascular diseases was 40% higher in the early morning than usual.

When you get up in the morning, your blood pressure rises easily because of the change of your posture. Therefore, at this time, it's better to slow down and never get up suddenly.

It's better to lie down for a few minutes before getting up again, move your limbs slowly, stretch your waist, relax your muscles and blood vessels, and then get up slowly to avoid dizziness. After getting up, it is better to drink a small cup of warm boiled water at about 35 C, which can supplement body fluids, dilute blood, prevent the formation of thrombosis, and be beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

6, exercise time, avoid the peak period of blood pressure

6:00 a.m. -10:00, 5:00-6:00 p.m., these two times are the time of day when blood pressure is high.

If hypertensive people want to exercise, it is better to avoid these two periods.

In addition, slow aerobic exercise is the main way to avoid more intense exercise.

7, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, reduce hazards

hypertension, we must pay attention to smoking cessation and alcohol restriction. Smoking accelerates the process of atherosclerosis, accelerates the heartbeat and increases systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A US study found that alcohol consumption was positively correlated with blood pressure levels, that is to say, the more people drank, the higher their blood pressure levels. < p > < p > drinking, smoking, smoking and drinking together, the harm doubled.

< p> Therefore, people with hypertension must pay attention to keeping away from alcohol and tobacco, and never "indulge themselves".

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