Eight points for attention in the use of aspirin should not be ignored.

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Eight points for attention in the use of aspirin should not be ignored.

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< p> < strong> < strong> Source doctor accompanied Cui Song said

< section> < section> < p> < strong > < 01

< section > < section > < p > strong > aspirin < p > < strong > < p > < strong > < strong > < strong > Should we eat on an empty stomach or after meal?

Cui Yisheng, aspirin has irritation to the stomach, and

can even cause gastric ulcer!

Cui Yisheng:

So now aspirin has been made into enteric-coated tablets. Enteric-coated tablets

< p > < p > < p > can only dissolve in intestinal tract,

< p > but

< p > can not dissolve in strong acid environment of stomach.

If you take aspirin on an empty stomach

you can pass through the stomach quickly,

quickly into the small intestine,

better avoid stimulating the stomach.

If aspirin

is taken after meals, there are two possibilities

the first

< br>

because the stomach is full of food, the emptying is slow, the longer time of aspirin the stomach may dissolve in the stomach and stimulate the stomach.

the second

< br>

the dissolution of aspirin depends on the acidity and alkalinity. After a full meal, because the food neutralizes the gastric acid, the pH value in the stomach increases and the acidity decreases, this may dissolve in the stomach earlier.

Cui Yisheng:

Therefore, aspirin enteric-coated tablets must be eaten on an empty stomach!


aspirin should be eaten in the morning? < strong > < / P > < p > < strong > or eat at night?

should be eaten at night! < p > < p > because the blood flow is slow at night, and < / P > < p > blood is more prone to thrombosis.

Cui Yisheng:

sounds reasonable, but the mechanism of aspirin is not the same! Aspirin does not work immediately! It can reduce thrombosis by inhibiting platelet activity.

< p> and platelets are produced every day,

< p> so we must take

< p> at a certain dose every day to inhibit its activity,

< p> which is a gradual accumulation process.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LcjyrjwxI"/>

When will the effect be achieved?

Cui Yisheng:

generally takes more than 5-7 days, that is, the platelet life cycle is so long, in order to achieve stable results. So, it doesn't matter whether you eat in the morning or at night.

Of course,

If you want to suppress platelets immediately,

you need to take 300 mg of aspirin,

and chew!

destroyed the enteric-coated membrane, and

could be absorbed immediately.


How much aspirin do you want to eat?

At present, the commonly used formulations on the market are

homemade enteric-coated aspirin tablets, a 25 mg

< p> < Joint venture, a 100 mg

< p > brought back from abroad, and an 81 mg

< section > < p > Cui Yisheng,

< p > How much should we eat?

Cui Yisheng:

The recommended dose is 75-325 mg/day, and this is a "low dose"! < p > < section > < p > 325 mg is also low dose?

Cui Yisheng:

Yes! In the past, when we used aspirin to fight rheumatism, we ate one gram per gram.

and! < p > < p > Recently, the famous magazine Lancet published an article: < br > < / P > < strong > < / strong > < / strong > people who weigh less than 70 kg: < / P > < p > taking 75-100 mg of aspirin is appropriate.

" people weighing more than 70 kg:

low-dose aspirin may not be enough.

So the amount of aspirin used is also related to people's weight. <<

<75 mg of aspirin may not play an anti-platelet role <<


>>>>Just eat less, actually The side effects of eating less are still there, but the good effects may not be there.


Are people with stomach diseases

unable to take aspirin?

Cui Yisheng:

Strictly speaking, only people with gastric ulcer can not take aspirin.

Gastric diseases have a wide range of categories:

From indigestion, superficial gastritis,

atrophic gastritis, gastric polyps,

gastric cancer and so on are all gastric diseases

Cui Yisheng, I have done gastroscopy,

said I have superficial gastritis!

Cui Yisheng:

At present, I have not seen a normal report of gastroscopy, the lightest one is superficial gastritis.


If you have stomach disease, use aspirin carefully;

If you have stomach ulcer, do not use aspirin.

But if you're just a little indigestion,

or gastroscopy is just superficial gastritis,

using aspirin, there's no problem.


children and pregnant women

can aspirin be taken?

Cui Yisheng:

Children must not take aspirin! because it can cause a serious disease, called Reye's syndrome.


Wright's syndrome --

is a serious adverse drug reaction,

is often caused by children taking salicylic acid drugs

(such as aspirin),

affects all organs of the body,

If not treated in time,

can quickly lead to liver and kidney failure, brain damage and even death. < p > < p > < strong > so children are absolutely forbidden!

Cui Yisheng:

As for whether pregnant women can take aspirin, there is not enough clinical data, but it is recommended that no aspirin be used in the latter three months of pregnancy!


Who can't use aspirin?

In addition to the people with gastric ulcer just mentioned, who else can't use


Cui Yisheng:

untreated and uncontrolled hypertension is not recommended for use.

because aspirin reduces platelet aggregation,

For a person whose blood pressure is still 180/100, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage is very high,

If blood is thinner at this time,

then the risk of hemorrhage is further increased,

so aspirin can not be used.

Cui Yisheng, I wrote it down! What else is there

? < p > < / section > < section > < / section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < img SRC = // ydzximg / 0LcjyrexNc /> < / section > < section > Cui Yisheng: < / section > < p > haemorrhagic constitution / people with haemorrhagic tendency are prone to bleeding after taking aspirin. People who are allergic to aspirin, and even those who cause asthma, are banned.



which medicines can't be used together?


is the first analgesic tablet! < p > < p > aspirin is a painkiller. If you use diclofenac sodium

or ibuprofen and other analgesic tablets when taking aspirin,

, then the effects will be superimposed,

side effects will be superimposed,

and gastric bleeding will be more easily caused.



prednisone and so on,

itself can also cause gastric mucosal damage,

then combined with aspirin,

will also increase the incidence of bleeding.


and some immunosuppressive agents,

such as methotrexate and so on,

can not be used with aspirin.


can people with gout

take aspirin?

< p > There are many people with "three high" nowadays,

< p > hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

Actually, there are also "four tall" people,

that is to add high uric acid.

Many people have increased uric acid,

even gout,

aspirin can affect the excretion of uric acid,

So people with high uric acid should avoid using aspirin as much as possible,

or gout may be induced.

At the same time, in the case of renal insufficiency,

uric acid excretion also has obstacles. It's time for doctors to decide whether to take aspirin or not. However, when renal insufficiency occurs,

< p> the incidence of thrombosis also increases,

< p> < p> we often recommend taking aspirin,

< p> if the uric acid has been elevated in these patients with renal insufficiency,

< p> we recommend that

< p> use other antiplatelet drugs instead of aspirin,

< p> so as to achieve the purpose of preventing thrombosis.