My name is polyp. It can easily become cancer.

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My name is polyp. It can easily become cancer.

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This is a plea from polyps. My name is polyp. In fact, I am a redundant "meat" or a superfluous "meat". On the inner surface of your hollow organs covered by mucosa, from nasal cavity, vocal cord, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder to uterus and bladder, I like to grow.

Doctors give us names according to where we grow, such as "nasal polyp", "gastric polyp", "rectal polyp", "bladder polyp" and so on. If there are more than two polyps in a certain part, it is called "multiple polyps".

1. I grow very slowly and hide very deep

Generally speaking, I grow slowly and secretly, and I will not easily expose myself.

Among us, vocal cord polyp is the most easily exposed, which is hoarse when it is small as sesame or mung bean, and can be detected as early as possible;

nasal polyp grows to pea size only when nasal obstruction, epistaxis and other symptoms are seen by doctors;

children's rectal polyp, because of bleeding prone to peel out from the anus and reveal "horsefoot";

< strong > < p> gastric body. The most dangerous part is the large intestine polyp,

< strong> which is often distributed in many ways. It usually grows in concealment. When it changes, it will become colon cancer, but my surface is very fragile and bleeding easily. When the patients find blood, they will go to see the doctor, and my fox tail will not hide, but the patients will not be able to hide it. The illness is often no longer mild.

So don't wait for symptoms to think of me!

2. I'm a close relative of cancer

You see, I'm in a lot of trouble. That's nothing. People are most afraid of my canceration, because it happens on the sly. Once symptoms are found, it's very likely that it will become advanced cancer, with extensive metastasis. At this time, doctors are helpless to me. It's appropriate to say that I'm a close relative of cancer.

But not all of our family members are cancer-prone. Here I can tell you some of the secrets. For example, 95% of colorectal cancer is what we look like when we grow up!

< section> < p> < strong> 3. Not every polyp will become cancerous

< p> because malignant ones are very few and benign ones are the majority. Normally, they will not pose a threat to life, even if they become cancerous, it will take a long time.

1. In the short term, polyps with rapid growth tend to be more vicious and less prone to malignancy, especially those larger than 2 cm in diameter, which should be treated as malignancy;

2. Histologically, polyps with adenoma type are prone to canceration, while those with inflammation type are less malignant;

<3. Small, pedicled polyps are mostly benign and not prone to canceration, so you need not be nervous and afraid. But the polyps of Kuangkeguangdi are often unsafe and prone to canceration.

4. Some polyps with genetic tendency, such as familial colon polyps, are prone to canceration;

5. The probability of canceration of multiple polyps increases. If the canceration rate of one polyp is 1%, 100 polyps will grow, and the canceration rate will be close to 100%.

4. Actually, I'm most afraid of your examination

Since people know that we have climbed up the "relatives" with cancer, people are more and more alert to our polyps. They use nasoscope, laryngoscope, cystoscope, esophagoscope, choledochoscope and colonoscope to peep at our presence. Treating us as precancerous lesions in time and thoroughly reduces our chances of threatening patients'lives.

It takes me 5-15 years to become a cancer , Within this period, if you can find me and remove me, I will never have the chance to become a cancer again.

After you are about 40 years old, I may grow into cancer, so you need to find me before I grow up, check before I am 40 years old. If you don't find me for such a long time, then I can grow into a cancer smoothly.

5, excision is very simple

Since I have climbed up to the "relatives" with cancer, you can not afford to ignore it, you should treat me as a pre-cancer disease, should be operated on in time, so as to avoid "long nights and dreams" and develop into cancer. With the development of medical technology,

has been able to use a trap under endoscopy, or to treat with electric cautery or laser. It is safe, effective and less painful for patients. It no longer requires thoracotomy, laparotomy, or even hospitalization.

But for those with large size and wide range, it is difficult to resect under endoscopy and still need surgical treatment, in exchange for "lasting peace and order".


6, I will resurgence, you have to check regularly

my vitality is extremely strong, although you have removed me, but your living habits have not changed, your internal environment has not changed, the soil suitable for my growth is still there, I will take root and germinate, resurgence of dead ash!

So even if you cut me, you have to check regularly:

Take colorectal polyps as an example:

Intestinal polyps disease has a high recurrence, this time in the rectum, and it is likely to occur in other parts next time. Therefore, it is very important for patients to have regular Enteroscopic review after operation according to their doctor's advice.

  • For some proliferative intestinal polyp diseases, the growth rate is very slow, and the patients can be followed up once in 1-2 years after operation;

  • If patients have a history of colon polyp and family history, they should be reexamined once in 1-3 years.

    • Single polyp excision, pathological proof is benign. At first, only once a year enteroscopy, continuous 2-3 years of examination does not recur, indicating that the recurrence probability of this person's polyp is small, and then can be changed to every 5-10 years.

    < ul> < li> < p> If one of the following circumstances exists, it needs to be re-examined again for 3-6 months. The frequency of re-examination thereafter should follow the doctor's advice:

< p> (1) The first enteroscopy affects the visual field of examination because of poor bowel preparation;

< p> (2) For various reasons, those who fail to complete the whole colonoscopy;

< p> < p> (3) the total number of polyps removed at one time is more than 10;

< 4) large. Broad-based polyps at 1 cm;

(6) polyps have locally cancerated and do not reach or exceed the submucosal layer of the mucosa and are reluctant to be surgically resected.

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