All girls who cross their legs are the end of the game.

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All girls who cross their legs are the end of the game.

2019-04-01 11:25:30 876 ℃

Good evening, everyone. Recently, Faxiu Editorial Department began to enter and leave the gym every day with great self-discipline. The reason, of course, is to have the capital to bare before summer comes. Especially < strong > crouching and slender legs , as if calling me (

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< p>), but the reason why everyone started exercising was stimulated by a colleague. Let's see the results of her hip and leg exercise (only took 7 days). The lines on the outside of the thighs were much smoother, and the meat from the inside of the thighs was much tighter. The key point is < strong > hip lifting and tightening, thighs will be slimmed at once and

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Truthfully, beautiful hip and leg lines can really add a lot of points to the figure, and clothes are several times more confident! For example, Kendall and Candice's hip and leg lines are my personal envy. They are all human beings. If I have this figure, I would like to wear bikini img src="/1ydzximg/0LcmUD5rC3"/

every day. Compared with Europeans and Americans, it is a headache for most Asians that the hip and leg lines are not good enough. In addition to having no natural advantage, many bad habits acquired from < strong > can exacerbate the problem.

Of course! These are all solutions. As long as we pay more attention to it and cooperate with the corresponding sports, we can improve it. So today we are going to discuss the most lethal problem of < strong > making the buttocks and legs ugly :

< p > < strong > false crotch width!

solves the problem of false hip width, which not only looks beautiful and has good lines, but also skillfully lengthens the legs! Compared with blindly losing weight and becoming thinner, eliminating false hip width is the most urgent task. Because over time, your fake crotch is likely to get worse and worse, making your body uglier and uglier. Before improvement, let's know the harm of it. .

Simply speaking, where the outer thigh connects to the crotch produces an outward expansion or bulge bulge, and the outward expansion or bulge is wider than its own crotch width, thus forming a false crotch width visually. Never assume that fake crotch width is a problem for fat people. Thin female stars also have fake crotch width. (1)

can shorten leg length visually and make leg shorter . (ii)

Among our Asian women, about 85% of them have false hip width (which is also quite astonishing...). Because Asian women have a lot of bad posture and habits, it causes this part to deform and accumulate fat. If we look for the reason from the change of body structure, it is the internal rotation or external rotation of the hip joint (where the hip is located);

because the abnormal rotation of the hip joint for a long time will transfer the whole body's center of gravity to the pelvis, the outside of the thigh and the inside of the knee, resulting in imbalance of muscle strength between the inside and outside of the thigh, to let the muscle of the outside of the thigh. Abnormal meat or fat . (ii)


If you have not only hip rotation problems, but also knee rotation or external rotation (Crossing your legs is typical of unhealthy knee rotation behavior), it will lead to calf valgus. In severe cases, the legs will gradually become crooked, forming < EM > strong > O < strong > legs and < EM > X legs and < EM > X legs

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especially the tiptoe legs, many people will not consciously tilt their legs when sitting down, which will cause hip joint deformation and crooked problems. Over time, the shape of the buttocks and legs will become ugly, buttocks line sagging, thighs slack . On weekdays, a little cross-legged action can make your buttocks and legs ugly, not terrible! (1) In addition to

, long-term unhealthy rotation of the hip and knee can also lead to problems such as pelvic proneness and knee hyperextension, in general, the side effects are particularly serious . After realizing the seriousness, let's see what we can do to eliminate these problems.

Too complex actions you will definitely give up, so I selected four very simple and easy-to-use actions carefully, and asked Ave of our department to give you a demonstration. These movements can be done easily at home by themselves, and the key point is that the effect is excellent. As long as we insist on doing it every day, 1 week can improve the width of prosthetic hip . Such a cost-effective thing, we should not rush to learn.

The left and right bow step is the most basic action to eliminate false crotch width. It can effectively tighten the line of the outer thigh and buttocks to eliminate the false hip width. (1)

The main points to be noticed in several movements are that the legs are opened parallel to the shoulder width. When doing bow strokes < strong > the knee must not exceed the toe so that the weight of the knee will be too heavy, resulting in knee injury. Do it with your thighs and buttocks instead of your knees.

Attention should be paid to upper body, Shoulder, back, waist and buttock should be in a straight line and shoulder, back, waist and buttock should not be raised, buttocks should not be pounded, otherwise it will cause the problem of pelvic anteversion. You can put your hands on your waist, or hold your fists like Ave to balance your center of gravity (1

when you do the right and left bow steps, you can pause for 2 seconds. You should pay attention to feel the tightening of the outside thighs and buttocks. The movement does not require fast, but needs to achieve the position in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating the false bucket width. 。

Because this action is not tired, so a group can do 50, each time do 4-6 groups (can be adjusted according to the actual situation of each person). Make sure you feel your < strong > thighs and buttocks ache and tighten just about. (viii <




>>> Improving the imbalance of internal and external muscle strength can also change the whole leg shape. More compact and good-looking (1)

When preparing for side leg raising, upper body needs to be supported by arm. The elbow and shoulder should be in a straight line and the armpit should not be clamped tightly, leaving a certain angle; otherwise it is easy to shrug while doing it.

At the same time, keep shoulder, back, waist and buttock in a plane , otherwise it may cause spinal deformity.

lift legs with knees, thighs and buttocks to exert force, do not use other places wrongly, which is ineffective. The use of elastic belt can increase the load, so that the effect of movement is better. If there is no elastic band, you can do it directly. remember knee straightening, leg raising as high as possible

also when doing exercises don't forget to adjust your breathing , exhale when lifting legs, breathe when releasing legs. Many students do not pay attention to breathing, when breathing hard, this will cause rib valgus, very ugly. Therefore, we must pay attention to the fact that we must not neglect one thing or the other. < p > < p > 20-25 legs were raised on the side and 3-5 legs on the left and right sides (adjustments can be made according to the actual situation of each person). Students with elastic bands can halve the number of students and do 10-15. Similarly, note that < strong > is not fast enough, so it should be in place . (viii <




Action essentials, maintain the straight line of the back, many people do semi-squat posture when is very easy to pout the buttocks or chest, which is the wrong posture (2). Similarly, the knee bending should not exceed the toe (

to ensure that there is no problem with the preparation posture, then start walking on the left and right side legs. Attention should be paid here to the fact that the footsteps should not be too big, just the same width as the shoulders. The focus of this exercise is < strong > the whole body must be in a consistent semi-squat state in order to continuously stimulate the buttock muscles.

Never squat up straight, squat up straight, so that you can't exercise up and down to your buttocks. If there is elastic band can also be used, the effect is better (

half squat side walking suggestion can be directly do 2-3 minutes , because this action is not tired, doing a few minutes is very good for stimulating the hip. (viii <





combined version of bow word step and flat plate support , which can directly stretch and tighten the parts of the false elelelongation and elelongation parts of the false elongation and elelongation The effect is very good, of course, a little tired. (1)

First of all, the most critical preparatory action is the upper body. Keep the whole body in a straight line. When doing bow strides, the knee close to the shoulder can be slightly opened out. Do not affect the upper body leading to shoulder and waist back tilt (this is very important!).

At the same time, the shoulders on both sides should be kept parallel, and the knees should not exceed the tips of the feet. The back leg should also be kept straight and not askew. (1)

Then the back leg should be raised and straightened, and the front leg should be stretched to support the body. At this time, we must balance the weight of the front and back legs, put the main force on the back thigh muscles and buttocks of the front leg .

The elbow should be placed slightly ahead of the shoulder, so that the elbow will not bear too much force. Finally, pay attention to the waist can not collapse and keep the back as straight as possible (

because it is a static action and it still has some difficulty to keep, so one side can keep for about 30 seconds, making three groups altogether. Children's shoes with better endurance can try to hold for about 1 minute each.