Can eating black rice and sesame make white hair black?

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Can eating black rice and sesame make white hair black?

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Nowadays, people with high pressure and thieves in life have no trouble with their hair. The post-90s in the circle of friends either begin to bald or worry about their long white hair: Why do I suffer from the trouble that does not match my age?

Homeopathic, various rumors about eating XXX hair and making hair black take turns. As for what kind of long hair to eat, we have discussed before. At the end of the article we want to see, there is a link. Today, the director talks with you about eating black rice and sesame. Can black hair really be?


1. Eating black food does not make hair black. < p > < p > 2. If the white hair is caused by nutritional problems, after correcting nutritional deficiency, the white hair may be improved, but most of the white hair problems can not be solved by eating.


How does white hair come into being?

p>strong>tear? / The color of hair depends on the pigments in hair follicles. The main structure of hair keratin is colorless, so the color of hair is white. However, there is a "dyeing machine" in the hair follicle, which can continuously make dyes to bind to the hair, and then dye the hair color. If the secretion of melanin in hair follicles decreases, the hair will gradually change from black to gray, or even all white.

The cause of grey hair is very complex, which is closely related to age, living habits, mental stress and disease, and is also controlled by genes and heredity. In addition, diseases (hyperthyroidism, nephropathy, ulcerative colitis, vitiligo, etc.), malnutrition, mental stress, etc., may also lead to white hair.

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< p > < p > Great mental stress can easily lead to white hair

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< p > What can be cured for white hair? Are black rice and sesame useful? / Black sesame and black soybean are rich in nutrients and trace elements. If white hair is caused by lack of protein, B vitamins and trace elements, eating black sesame and black soybean may be beneficial to hair. But melanin in black food does not make hair black. Because the source of melanin in hair is melanocyte, which is transformed into melanin by tyrosine in vivo. The melanin in black sesame and black soybean is mainly polyphenol pigments, which can not be directly converted into hair pigments. < p > < p > So < strong > eating black food will not make your hair black < / strong > or do not believe in the black food, or pay attention to the balance of diet and nutrition.

Actually, hair turns white and it is difficult to solve the problem by eating.

If it is white hair caused by nutritional problems, after correcting nutritional deficiencies, the white hair may be improved, but it is difficult to completely recover the existing, already white hair, only when it falls out, new hair will grow black again. Because short-term white hair, such as stress, mental stress and illness, may also be improved after adjustment.

However, most of the white hair problems are unsolvable , such as congenital white hair, hereditary white hair and senile white hair, which are usually determined by genes and heredity. We can not change them, just as we can not resist aging. < p > < p > < / P > < p > < strong > 03 < / strong > < / P > < p > don't want a white head < / P > < p > < strong > / what's the way? /

< p> Although most of the problems of white hair can not be solved by eating, a healthy diet and living habits, adequate nutrition, to alleviate hair whitening, enhance hair quality is still good. If you want to reduce white hair and let it come later, the following suggestions should be made:

1. Food diversification, balanced nutrition and adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals. < p > < p > 2. Keep a regular life, do not stay up late, do not smoke or drink, ensure adequate sleep and exercise. < p > < p > 3. Relax your mood and learn to relieve your stress. < p > < p > 4. Do not use inferior shampoos, less perm and dyeing, reduce the damage to hair, protect hair quality. < p > < p > 5. Proper head massage can promote scalp blood circulation and improve hair follicle blood supply.

Actually, with the increase of age, more white hair, more loose teeth, more wrinkles in skin... These are inevitable. What we need to do is to live a healthy life, arrange a good diet, and then grow old healthy and handsome. Relax, white hair can also be beautiful! <



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