There are 18 kinds of diseases that fool the Chinese people, but they need not be cured at all.

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There are 18 kinds of diseases that fool the Chinese people, but they need not be cured at all.

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1, heartburn after meals: peanut can be eaten

heartburn after meals, sometimes it is difficult to alleviate, but also easy to stimulate the stomach!

teaches you a trick, each time when heartburn occurs, you can chew 3-5 raw peanuts, which can be relieved in a short time, and can also nourish the stomach, inhibit gastric acid, promote digestion, people who will often heartburn can try.

2, chronic pharyngitis: honeysuckle bubble water drinks

got chronic pharyngitis, always feel the throat blocking things, medication and injection can only temporarily alleviate.

You can try this method: soak honeysuckle, houttuynia, wild chrysanthemum and fat sea together, drink tea every day, and you will find a great improvement after a period of time.

3, bad breath: overnight tea can be

bad breath is embarrassing, in fact, the taste of rotten food in the crevices, do not need to see a doctor specially. After brushing your teeth in the morning, you can have overnight tea in your mouth for 5 minutes, and then spit it out. It's very refreshing all day. If it's still tasty, you can check the digestive tract.

< strong > 4, dark spots: if there are spots on the face after taking vitamin < br >

< p >, it looks like there is no wash on the face, and the spots will be aggravated by regular makeup.

Go to the drugstore to buy some VC and VE, which can be removed in more than 20 days. Many methods have been used before, and finally removed by this method. It has not rebounded for more than half a year, and it is still white.

5, alopecia and baldness: overnight tea shampooing hair

alopecia is usually caused by excessive lipid secretion or endocrine disorders! Overnight tea shampoo not only generates hair, but also removes dandruff. If the eyebrows are sparse, it also works. Brush the eyebrows with overnight tea, and the eyebrows will become thicker in 20 days. Remember to eat less spicy and greasy food.


6. Black eye socket: Chinese wolfberry ginger

with black eye socket around eyes, which will greatly reduce the image of the whole person.

Drinking a cup of medlar ginger water every morning can improve the skin of the eyes. In more than 20 days, the fine-grained bags and dark circles of the eyes can be completely removed. They look younger than 10 years, because they are easy to use, and they are very popular recently.

7, long-term tinnitus: foot washing plus white vinegar

tinnitus is the most common in middle-aged and old people, it not only affects hearing, but also affects mood!

Soak feet with hot water and white vinegar at a ratio of 1:5 before going to bed, once a day, for 30 minutes each time. At the same time, massage Yongquan Point on the sole of the feet continuously, until you feel acupoint acid swelling, you will feel good improvement in tinnitus for 1-2 weeks.

8, beriberi grey nails: Vinegar foam can be used

grey nails and beriberi are not only ugly but also uncomfortable, the most terrible thing is that they will continue to spread and infect the family.

beriberi and grey nails are caused by fungi. Sooner or later using vinegar in the evening, they will soon recover, and even more serious grey nails will be better.

9, anti-aging and wrinkle removal: once a person passes 25 years old, wrinkles will crawl over the whole face at a speed of 0.02mm per day, and even more beautiful wrinkles will be dim. Pale.

peel the loofah and cut it into thin slices and stick it on the face. Remove it after 2 minutes. Wash it for more than 20 days. Wrinkles will disappear. If you feel troublesome, you can use the essence directly.

10, joint pain: blow with hairdryer

joint pain is usually caused by cold wind, it may be better to blow it away with hot wind. The reason why

hairdryer can blow away pain is similar to the role of "moxibustion" in traditional Chinese medicine, that is, through heat stimulation, cold is forced out to remove pain. Note that when blowing, it must be blown across the clothes, directly against the skin, easy to burn the skin.

11, eczema: friends with mung bean and vinegar

ringworm of eczema know that not only the skin is ugly, but sometimes itching is painful. After soaking mung beans with vinegar,

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< strong > 12, easy to allergy: people who are allergic to pepper and ginger

< p> have many things that can not be touched, many cosmetics are useless, and tell you a little secret.

Boiling water with 10 peppers and two pieces of ginger can quickly eliminate allergic reaction after cold cleaning. Continuous application for 20 days can not only completely recover, but also thicken the stratum corneum to prevent the occurrence of allergies in the future.

13, superficial gastritis: indigestion

If the digestive tract is examined, superficial gastritis is written on the report sheet, without panic attack, and most people have superficial gastritis. Many superficial gastritis are functional dyspepsia, not chronic inflammation of gastric mucosa. If there is fullness and dyspepsia after meals, take some multi-enzyme tablets, a variety of probiotics can alleviate, do not need to worry.

14, breast hyperplasia: there is no need to treat

8 girls have "breast hyperplasia" problem. At this time, many people are afraid that they will not be cured. In fact, breast hyperplasia is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, women will appear before the physiological period, but after the physiological period, swelling and pain will gradually disappear, without treatment, pay attention to regular review. Another is to maintain a good mentality and exercise moderately.

15, cervical erosion: I will disappear

erosion is a powerful word, the first time I heard the word "cervical erosion", brain neutrons will appear many horrible pictures. In fact, this is only a big mistake in the history of medical terms. It's just a kind of ectopic cervical epithelium, which has nothing to do with ulceration. When hormone levels are normal, the erosion itself will disappear.

16, premature beats of the heart: pay attention to rest less and stay up late

refers to sudden premature beats of the heart, which many people regard as a precursor of heart disease.

If only premature beats were detected without chest tightness, chest pain and other symptoms, then no treatment was needed, as long as attention was paid to rest and less late drinking of strong tea and coffee.

>p>17, allergic rhinitis:

allergic rhinitis, encounter allergens will be nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, in fact, allergic dermatitis does not need to take drugs.

Wash your nose with dilute saline every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, 5 minutes each time, and the rhinitis will gradually disappear. Specific operation method: Put the face into a pot of warm saline water, and then use the nose to absorb water, once every minute.

18, migraine: people who eat more magnesium-containing food

migraine often relieve pain by analgesics, in fact, eating more magnesium-containing food can relieve pain.

Doctors tested migraine patients and found that they were generally low in magnesium. And many foods with high magnesium content, such as millet, buckwheat noodles, beans, bananas, nuts and seafood, can effectively reduce the incidence of migraine.

Many illnesses are actually frightened out, but there were not many serious illnesses, and the illness frightened himself into the hospital. Above 18 kinds of diseases, we must tell the people around us, do not go to the hospital to spend money wrongly!