How many times a woman can afford to "do things" overcautiously and at risk of kidney loss in a night

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How many times a woman can afford to "do things" overcautiously and at risk of kidney loss in a night

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Modern people are more open about sexual concepts, lonely men and widows together, unavoidably touched the forbidden zone, early began sexual life, because most of them are young and strong young men, so it is unavoidable to have endless thoughts during sexual intercourse, always want to do it again, but sometimes women's physical endurance is limited, not necessarily able to withstand, so it needs to be appropriate. And stop.

How many times a woman can have sexual intercourse in a night

Men's physiology decides to have sexual intercourse, the penis must erect first; after a sexual intercourse, men need time to recover their physical strength so that the penis can erect again to continue sexual intercourse. But a woman's sexual ability is infinite, and she can have high-frequency sexual intercourse at any time in objective conditions. From the point of view of physiological function, women's sexual ability is almost infinite. She has no penis and does not need to work as hard as men to produce and maintain an erection. Especially women have no physiological "refractory period" and no weakness after sexual intercourse. So she can have high frequency sexual intercourse at any time objectively.

Similarly, the intensity of women's sexual activity is limited only by their receptor strength, but they do not have to worry about penile weakness as men do.

In addition, there are more and wider sexual sensitive areas on the body surface of women than men, so she can objectively change the specific way of sexual behavior more than men.

< p> Finally, women can reach an infinite number of orgasms continuously, which is more than men can compare. Confucianism and Taoism have already discovered this point. But in order to maintain the male-centered society at that time, they were full of deep fear. Confucianism advocates the use of "women's asexuality is virtue" to severely suppress women's sexual ability, while Taoism advocates the use of men's "cherishing the essence and protecting oneself" to compete with women's unlimited sexual ability. The two sexual cultural traditions of

have been deeply embedded in the hearts of Chinese women, and women's sexuality has been seriously distorted and alienated. Make them feel double sexual depression all the time in their personal sexual life. Before starting sexual life, women often feel that sex is the patent of men, and women should not take the initiative to seek it. Even after a better sex life breaks through this psychological resistance, women can't learn how to enjoy their infinite sexual power more fully. If an unmarried woman dares to say that she has sexual arousal, dreams or reactions, other men will think that this woman has an opportunity, while other women will surely think that she is a "fox". As a result, women's wedding night is turned into a "pass", often bringing unnecessary physical and mental troubles, even pain.

Female sexual excessive care kidney deficit

In real life, there are often some females, such as waist acid, leg weakness, dizziness, mental retardation, fatigue, poor appetite, and even increased leucorrhea, some symptoms of kidney loss, as well as the occurrence of urinary frequency, urgency, etc. Clinical diagnosis has found that many of them are due to the frequency of sexual intercourse. There is no doubt that the number of sexual life is more, but if we do not control it, indulgence will inevitably lead to adverse consequences.

Modern medicine emphasizes that sexual life should not be excessive in order to avoid wasting energy and damaging qi. But many women think that excessive sex refers specifically to men, which is not the case. Sexual excess is more harmful to men, but also to women, because sexual life is a comprehensive response of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system of both men and women.

< p> The study found that women had the same general manifestations in sexual life, such as general spasm, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure, general weakness, sweating, fatigue and so on. Therefore, women's over-frequency sexual life can also lead to autonomic nervous dysfunction, a series of manifestations of autonomic nervous dysfunction, such as mental depression, dizziness, dizziness, pallor, grey around the orbit, upset, dry mouth, leucorrhea increase, individual may appear irregular menstruation. This shows that women also need to prevent excessive sexual life.