There are six things to know before a couple's life can last until they are 70 years old.

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There are six things to know before a couple's life can last until they are 70 years old.

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In old age, people are often shy of speaking, and many elderly people are even shy of telling the truth about the practical problems they encounter in their husband and wife's life. In fact, a good couple life for the elderly is an important symbol of happiness in old age. How can the elderly master the time and frequency of husband and wife's life? What do you need to pay attention to before you fall in love?

How old can a couple live? < br>

< p> According to the survey of domestic and foreign sexual medicine experts, the majority of male couples can live up to 70 years of age. Some of them can stay around 80 years old, and a few of them still have the requirement of love at the age of 90. Physiological function will not be lost because of the growth of age. It is only reproductive function that is slowly lost. Reproductive function and physiological function are two different things.

The time and frequency of the elderly living a husband and wife life

The elderly living a good husband and wife life is an important symbol of happiness in old age. In addition to the mutual care in life, there should also be a harmonious life between husband and wife. So, how can the elderly master the time and frequency of husband and wife's life?

In terms of time, young couples usually live after going to bed at night, which is not suitable for the elderly. Old people are easy to get tired. After a day's activity, they will feel tired at night. Therefore, the elderly couple's life is best after sleeping or before getting up in the morning. Of course, it can also be based on individual circumstances. Sex experts believe that the elderly couple's life need not be limited to the evening, when the sexual impulse comes, as long as the living environment, physical conditions permit, can be carried out at any time.

< p> As for the number of times the elderly live a husband and wife life, their physical endurance should be taken as the criterion. The Su Nv Jing, an ancient book, says, "When people are in their twenties, they leak on four days; when they are in their thirties, they leak on eight days; when they are in their forties, they leak on sixteen days; when they are in their fifties, they leak on the twentieth day, so is this French." Modern people's living standards have been improved, and their physical qualities have been greatly improved. The "old rare" has become "not rare". As the saying goes, "Eighty is not old, ninety is young, people live a hundred years old, the scenery is infinitely good." Therefore, it is advisable for people aged 60 to 65 to have one time in 2 weeks, for people over 65 to have one time in 3 to 4 weeks, and for people over 80 to have one time in 1 to 1.5 months. If you have good physical quality, you can shorten the interval and increase the number of times according to your desire. In short, the elderly couple life should be based on after-the-fact sexual satisfaction, the body does not feel tired or uncomfortable.

p>strong>The middle-aged and old people need to know six things before they fall in love

1. Don't be anxious. Don't always talk about age, it can make you anxious and nervous when you love. And don't always worry about shooting fast. The more you think about it, the worse the result may be. Relax yourself and think more about your bravery, which will increase your self-confidence. < p > < p > 2. Men also need foreplay. Many people think that foreplay is mainly to meet the needs of women, but in fact, increasing foreplay time can also help arouse men. Warm foreplay can help the whole body relax completely, help the penis fully erect, and effectively prolong the love time. It is suggested that the time of foreplay should be prolonged by 2-5 minutes for every 5-year increase in age.

3, take the initiative. Aging still needs love. Tell your wife what you need. She may be surprised. Especially in love, women need "real men" who like men who can be active and control in bed. Put forward your ideas as much as possible and let your wife explore with you, just as you did when you were young. Drink coffee before love. Research from the Medical College of Minnesota State University in the United States shows that a cup of 200 milliliters of coffee can increase adrenaline levels by 30% in a short period of time. It can stimulate nerves, eliminate fatigue, and improve the sensitivity of the body to external stimuli. In addition, coffee can also help penis congestion, make erection stronger. However, drinking too much can backfire, generally within 300 milliliters is appropriate. < p > < p > 5, the appearance of the penis changed. When men reach their fifties, the glans gradually lose their purple-red color, mainly due to the decrease in blood flow and the relaxation of the penile epidermis. Don't worry too much about it, just let it be. Don't worry about size. Generally speaking, men's penises do not develop after puberty. From 50 to 70, the size of the penis shrinks by 1-3 centimeters, but this does not make life worse for couples.