Wu Meng, an elderly parturient, passed away and insisted on having a child despite the doctor's objection. She regretted her death before her illness.

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Wu Meng, an elderly parturient, passed away and insisted on having a child despite the doctor's objection. She regretted her death before her illness.

2019-04-07 08:03:22 720 ℃

Recently, Wu Meng, a 43-year-old pulmonary hypertension parturient, died. She suffered from congenital heart disease, which later led to pulmonary hypertension. After pregnancy, doctors advised her to terminate pregnancy, but Wu Meng refused to accept doctor's advice. In June last year, she gave birth to a premature infant of 2 kg and 3 kg, which once became a net red parturient.

was also the same month that the baby was born. Wu Meng underwent heart repair and lung transplantation, which became the first lung transplantation operation in the world for elderly pulmonary hypertension parturients.

thought everything would be better after surgery, but I didn't expect things to reverse. Wu Meng's husband said that his wife was hospitalized again because of the infection. The fungus had no special effect and could only stay in the hospital for treatment. He planned to change his lungs twice, but because Wu Meng's physical condition was getting worse and worse, and his airway was swollen, he gave up later.

From Wu Mengfa's circle of friends, we can see that she was desperately eager for life, and at that time she was skinny and often had difficulty breathing and hypoxia.

For Wu Meng's departure, her husband said that it was also a relief and rebirth for her, not to suffer so many crimes, let alone live so hard. Xiao/p>img src="/1ydzximg/0Lf4PveTxU"/

Wu Meng's sister also said that her sister finally left home peacefully, which was her wish, so the family took her home from the hospital, and took the wrong way in the middle, which delayed some time. After arriving at home, her sister left a few minutes later.

Wu Meng's will is also thought-provoking. She not only expresses her guilt for her relatives, but also feels that she has not provided for her parents or accompanied her children to grow up. There are also self-blame and regret for self-indulgence. Wu Meng once wanted to donate her organs after she left, but her husband revealed that her physical condition was getting worse and worse, and her organs had been exhausted, so it could not be realized.

In order to cure Wu Meng's disease, their family sold their house and car for nearly two million yuan, but Wu Meng eventually left.

For Wu Meng's behavior, in fact, most netizens disapprove of it. People feel that it is not only irresponsible for their own lives, but also irresponsible for their children's lives.

There is a maternal situation similar to that in The World of Man, because she suffers from pulsatile hypertension, refuses to listen to the doctor's advice and gives up her life to give birth to a child. Finally, the child is born and disappears, leaving sad parents and feeding children.

I remember that the doctor said a thought-provoking remark. She said that as a doctor, she knows that some patients are not suitable for pregnancy and more suitable for childbirth. Once she chooses to do so, she gambles on her life. But reproductive rights belong to women's rights. Doctors can not interfere with individual decisions. Doctors who are used to too many painful lessons can only express helplessness.

Yes, there are too many women who blindly conceive and even risk their own lives because they think that having a child will lead to a successful life or want to have a child for their husbands, regardless of their own physical conditions. Objectively speaking, such behavior is really undesirable. For example, women with the following diseases should be cautious in making choices. < p > < p > 1. Heart disease, such as grade 3-4 cardiac function, history of heart failure, or severe mitral stenosis, frequent shortness of breath and hemoptysis, avoids pregnancy.

2. Nephritis can be pregnant only if it is basically cured, blood pressure is normal and renal function is normal. However, it is necessary to go to the hospital regularly for examination and timely treatment of problems. < p > < p > 3, hepatitis, acute phase can not be married, observation after recovery - a period of time to consider. < p > < p > 4, hyperthyroidism, once pregnant, will aggravate cardiovascular symptoms, or will appear heart failure and hyperthyroidism crisis and other issues. < p > < p > 5, leukemia, once pregnant will worsen maternal leukemia, absolutely not pregnant. < p > < p > 6, asthma, long-term chronic asthma lead to serious impairment of cardiac function, can not be pregnant.