How old is a girl suitable for sharing a room? Don't be shy about the details of your first "intimate contact"

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How old is a girl suitable for sharing a room? Don't be shy about the details of your first "intimate contact"

2019-04-07 08:03:22 1479 ℃

With the popularization of computers and mobile phones, children's knowledge of sexual contact will become more and more early. Girls'premature sexual life will have a serious impact on their psychology and physiology. How old is a girl suitable for sexual life?

How old is a girl suitable for having sex? < br>

< p > 1. Now children's sexual enlightenment is relatively early, and they are prone to premature puberty. Some girls even have sexual life very early. Although they can bring excitement and joyment spiritually, they are too young to bring great harm to their health. The younger the first sex, the higher the risk of cervical cancer. So it's better for women to be 20 years old before they can have sex. < p > < p > 2. The cervical tissue cells in adolescent girls have not yet developed well and are in a tender state. They are very sensitive to external carcinogens. If the sexual partner is the carrier of cancer cells, it is easy to send cancer cells to the immature cervical tissue of women through sexual intercourse. In addition, when sperm enters a girl's vagina, it will produce a kind of sperm antibody, which usually takes about four months to disappear. If the more sexual partners, the more frequent sexual intercourse, the more antibodies will be produced, a short period of time in the body of women, interfering with the production of sperm antibody response, so susceptible to cervical cancer.

What should women pay attention to in their first sexual life?

< p> < strong> 1. To understand basic sexual knowledge

< p> before the first sexual life, both men and women should learn some basic sexual knowledge, and understand the physiological characteristics of both men and women and the structure of sexual organs. At the same time, we should do a good job of contraceptive measures, so that we can have no worries about sex and concentrate on it. Only when both men and women have sex can we get satisfactory results. < p > < strong > 2, to prevent inflammation of hymen < / strong > < / P > < p > when women have sex for the first time, the hymen will rupture, accompanied by slight pain and bleeding. At this time, we must do a good job of anti-inflammatory work to prevent the wound from worsening. If the pain is unbearable or the amount of bleeding is large, you should go to the hospital in time.

< strong > 3, hygiene

< p > The first sexual life is that both men and women should use warm water to clean the vulva, because women's vaginal secretions and scales are easy to increase, if not cleaned properly, it is very unsanitary, which will affect the health and sexual desire of both sides. Rest for half an hour after sex, take a shower, and gently massage the skin with your hands. This not only promotes hormones in the body, but also improves the body's sexual sensitivity. Alternative hot water showers can also be used, which not only stimulates cell regeneration, but also improves sexual performance.

Warm Tip

Women can not have sexual life before 20 years old. The earlier the sexual life is, the higher the risk of cervical cancer is, and they should learn self-esteem and self-respect. After 20 years old, you can have sex, but before the first sexual life, you must learn more about sex, do a good job of hygiene, and avoid having multiple partners.