That day I lost my anal hair, and every step of the way was like riding a hedgehog - on the importance of anal hair

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That day I lost my anal hair, and every step of the way was like riding a hedgehog - on the importance of anal hair

2019-04-07 08:03:26 1529 ℃

Adult anxiety is hair loss , but more terrible than this is the place where hair should not be shed desperately, while some dark invisible corners of the human body are furious. < p > < p > < b > This dark corner is called the anus, and these crazy hair is called the anus hair. If you carefully touch your own delicate chrysanthemum flower, you can easily touch a circle of fine hair. Although its touch is acceptable, you can imagine how awkward it is to have a circle of black and black fine hair on your delicate chrysanthemum flower. So, you might think, Anal hair is so ugly, is its existence really reasonable?

Anal Hair Action Inventory

1 and Prevention of Bacterial Infection

It is well known that human chrysanthemum is particularly delicate and often threatened by internal and external bacteria. The main function of anal hair < b > is to effectively isolate chrysanthemum bacteria and to contribute its own insignificant strength to the surrounding chrysanthemum not being attacked by bacteria or even failing to defend. < p > < p > < b > < 2 < / b > < b > ventilation < / b > < / P > < p > chrysanthemum is often covered by several layers of cloth, and there is no daylight. Bacteria are most likely to grow in a dark and humid environment, while soft anal hair can keep the chrysanthemum area ventilated.

< p > < b > 3 < B >, astringent odor

< p > Anus is nicknamed "chrysanthemum" by netizens, but only chrysanthemum "shape" without "aroma" of chrysanthemum. Human chrysanthemum not only has the smell of bamboo charcoal, but also contains the odor of sweat. Although there are pants cloth to block it, the taste can not be wrapped up for a long time. At this time, anal hair is very important. It can help the body < b > temporarily restrain the smell of bamboo and sweat , at least until the next bath cleaning time.

< p > < b > < 4 < b > and reduce friction

< p > < chrysanthemum flower will produce friction that we can not perceive when walking. Assuming that we do not have anal hair buffer locally, the two buttocks have more chances of direct confrontation, which is not only itchy because of friction, but also easy to stick together after sweating. It is neither hygienic nor uncomfortable.

Although anal hair does have so many advantages, its shortcomings are obvious. Because of the existence of anal hair, people wipe their ass when too waste paper ah. And when you wipe it, it's common for the anal hair to stick to your hands. What can we do? Can I shave it off?

netizens who have had anal hair shaving experience describe the feeling after shaving -

"whenever sweat flows to chrysanthemum, there will be a feeling of heat flowing out of chrysanthemum. That Xiang rubbed between the two buttocks and flew, slowly turning into something like lubricant. Every time you lift your feet, two buttocks will rub, dislocate and slip in the lubricant. Every step of my way is trembling. I think this is probably the so-called devil's step. Seriously, the Chinese Journal of Hospital Infectiology, Volume 19, Issue 8, 2009, shows that simple shaving of the surface of the skin not only does not help to remove bacteria, but also causes skin damage and bacterial migration to varying degrees, since the bacteria on the surface of the skin are mainly located at the root of the hair. So except for surgery and other necessary time, anal hair can not be shaved, darling ~

If these anal hair is located on the head, then it should be such a lovely kind of hair, fall down! _____________