Five secrets about breast size, don't say you don't know yet!

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Five secrets about breast size, don't say you don't know yet!

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Just as men care about the length of their "little brother", women also care about the size of their breasts.

Small breasts, care about how the breasts get bigger; large breasts, want to know how to smaller; and women found that breast size is changing, suspicious of disease.

combed five questions about breast size today, hoping to answer your confusion!

< p> < strong > 01 Can breasts be touched?

No! In fact, breast size is related to race and heredity.

In other words, the natural size of breasts is predestined. Chest development and physical development are basically synchronized, usually after adulthood, the basic stereotype.

Breast is mainly composed of breast tissue and adipose tissue. Rubbing and touching will not have a substantial impact on these two parts of tissue, so there is no such thing as enlarging breast.

Many people who are in love or married may be dissatisfied. Ask yourself: My boyfriend or husband really feels bigger after rubbing. What's the explanation?

Touching and rubbing may make you feel your chest enlarged, but in fact it is the stimulation of your lover, which makes your body secrete more estrogen. The breast is affected by hormones, and temporary enlargement does not allow your chest to permanently complete the elevation from A to B. Another explanation for

is that if you rub your breast too hard, it may also cause fat tissue swelling in the breast, that is, if you rub the breast, you will feel "enlarged". This kind of enlargement, I'm afraid you girls don't want it?

02 Can Papaya Enhance Breast?


Papaya has a very good appearance of breast, and its breast enlargement effect was originally just the product of "shape supplement" in the bursting of imagination.

Nowadays, some people analyze the nutritional components of papaya, saying that Papaya contains papain, which can stimulate hormone secretion in women and help breast enlargement.

sounds very scientific, but in fact, when you eat a mouthful of papaya, the papain in the stomach will be decomposed, lose its activity, it is impossible to breast enlargement.

03 Is breast size normal?

is a normal physiological phenomenon in most cases.

The body has symmetrical beauty. In fact, these apparently symmetrical organs are not 100% the same. For example, there are slight differences in the length of our legs, which is one of the reasons why a person walks unconsciously when he closes his eyes. The same is true of

breasts, although symmetrically distributed, their size is not exactly the same. If this has something to do with genes, sensitivity of bilateral breast tissue to hormones, and the innate and acquired factors such as frequent use of breast feeding on one side, don't worry too much.

What we should worry about is this situation: the size of bilateral breasts is about the same, but suddenly one side becomes larger and even touches the mass. At this time, we should suspect the possibility of tumors, and suggest to go to the mammary department to check in time.

04 Is breast large more susceptible to breast cancer? There are indeed relevant conclusions in


thought that breast cancer risk was high. The bigger the breast, the more breast cells, the greater the possibility of potential cell mutation or malignant development.

In addition, women with large breasts have thicker adipose tissue, and often exceed the standard in weight and waist circumference, which also increases the risk of cancer.

But in fact, the pathogenesis of breast cancer is not clear. With menarche age, bad habits, mental stress and so on, breast cancer pot should not only let breast size back! How does

05 make breasts bigger or smaller?


Breast hypertrophy and compression symptoms may be considered for breast reduction surgery; breast augmentation may be considered for small breasts. All of these can be consulted by plastic and cosmetic specialists.

Is there any other method besides surgery?


If you are a big-breasted obese girl, the first step to make your breasts smaller is to lose weight, and if you are thin all over, your breasts will be thin! If you are a thin little breast sister, eat more to make yourself fat, breast fat tissue increased, it will look a little bigger.

As for the chest strength training recommended by many people, it does exercise your pectoralis major muscle and make your chest appear stronger. < p > < p > but this enlargement is also difficult to achieve the obvious effect of breast augmentation. Sometimes exercise reduces the fat around the breast and makes the breast appear smaller.

In fact, breast size is not the key, do not have any persistence, have a healthy breast is the most important ah! < p > < p > < strong >!

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