Why do women's labia darken? Nine Tips to Improve Labial Blackening

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Why do women's labia darken? Nine Tips to Improve Labial Blackening

2019-04-07 08:03:29 860 ℃

Many women's labia are black. Many people have different opinions about the reasons for the darkening of women's labia. Some people say it is caused by frequent sexual life and some people say it is genetic. So many people don't know what to believe. Therefore, many people still ask why women's labia darken. How to improve the darkening of labia?

Why do women's labia darken? < br>

< strong > 1, hereditary cause

< p> decides the primary color of nipples, labia majoris and labia minor are hereditary factors. Young women without pregnant and reproductive experience are born with black labia. It is impolite to think that she has been "played". < p > < strong > 2. When sexual life is too frequent < / strong > < / P > < p > sexual life, the labia is repeatedly stimulated by external friction for a long time. As a result, the local pigmentation increases, and its color will deepen day by day with the migration of time. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. At the same time, the hormone melanin will also make the labia dark halo when sexual stimulation occurs.

3, normal pigmentation

The color of female genitals is affected by melanin deposition itself, and this pigmentation is also related to female hormones. The depth of this color varies from person to person and is related to the amount of its own pigments. Natural skin whiter women, will be slightly pink, natural skin darker, pudendal pigments will be deeper. In addition, long-term irregular menstruation, drug stimulation, chronic inflammation, diabetes and so on may also cause labial darkening.

9 subtle ways to improve labial blackening

1, get up and walk regularly

Don't sit in the office chair for a long time and sit on the fitness ball for 15 minutes every day, which can naturally contract pelvic floor muscles and help strengthen vaginal muscles.

p>strong>2, mild cleanser

p>labial tissue is very sensitive, if cleaned with irritating articles, it may lead to lower body dryness and astringency, even allergy. Therefore, women should reduce the use of cleaning products, or use mild lotions.

3, reducing the constant friction between bicycle seat and crotch can damage the labia vulvae, especially for those women who are born with convex labia vulvae. Therefore, if it is not necessary for professional training, women should reduce long-term cycling in order to better protect their privacy. < p > < strong > 4. When using female superior < / strong > < / P > < p > during sexual intercourse, women are prone to stretch injury below, because male partners control the insertion rhythm and depth, sometimes beyond the scope of female vagina. If female superiors are used, women are in a dominant position and can better contract and control the vaginal muscles. < p > < strong > 5, wear less tights < / strong > < / P > < p > how to maintain in private? Wear as little tights as possible, because jeans and other clothing that tightens the buttocks can cause increased body temperature and bacterial growth, thus exacerbating the number of yeasts, and long-term wear of such clothing is very easy to cause vaginitis.

p>strong>6. Understanding vaginal knowledge

p>Women begin to lose fat in private areas from the age of 20, and gradually become relaxed with the increase of age. As women approach menopause, their vaginal intima begins to thinn, blood flow decreases, and pelvic floor muscles weaken. Loose vagina can affect women's sexual self-confidence. < p > < strong > 7, avoid weight fluctuation < / strong > < / P > < p > If the weight fluctuation, it will definitely affect the "beauty" of the vagina, and the rapid change of weight will cause the vagina and vulva to be overstretched and damaged. Women should not lose excessive weight, but maintain a healthy weight. If a woman is too thin, her privacy will age and relax as early as her face. < p > < strong > 8, daily cleaning < / strong > < / P > < p > is the most common way of private maintenance in daily life. Once a day, it is best to take a shower and rinse with warm water. If there is no shower condition, you can use a basin instead, but only a special basin. First wash your hands, then clean the vulva from front to back, then wash the big and small labia, and finally wash around the anus and the anus.

< strong > 9, whitening methods in private

< p > Women's labia will gradually darken under the influence of age, sexual life, fertility and other factors. At this time, private maintenance of the tender labia is needed. In addition to drinking more water and eating more vegetables, regular work and rest and other aspects of life conditioning, you can also use professional private whitening products for maintenance.