Does it work to eat Viagra all the time? Five Misunderstandings of Viagra

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Does it work to eat Viagra all the time? Five Misunderstandings of Viagra

2019-04-25 21:30:49 2088 ℃

For many men, Viagra is a great savior. It can prolong the time of sexual bliss and enjoy more pleasure. However, many people worry that long-term use of Viagra will lead to dependence. Viagra is not immune to three toxic drugs, so what side effects will it have?

Will it be useless to eat Viagra all the time? There is no evidence that Viagra is resistant. Generally speaking, drug resistance means that patients need to increase the dosage of drugs to achieve therapeutic effect when taking drugs. Most ED (erectile dysfunction) patients take Viagra 1 - 2 times will have a good effect, if the use is ineffective, it is necessary to find out the reason in time.

First of all, take the medicine correctly, 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse should be taken on demand; have adequate sexual stimulation; try to avoid high-fat diet and alcohol; avoid taking inadequate dosage of drugs, such as 50 mg of Vancouver, if the effect is not obvious, you can try 100 mg, but only once a day. < p > < p > Secondly, "Only good health, good sexual function", actively adjust unreasonable lifestyle, actively carry out physical exercise, develop a good lifestyle, and so on. Especially the elderly should actively control and treat the primary diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, prostatic hypertrophy and so on. Studies have shown that controlling the above risk factors can enhance the efficacy of Viagra drugs.

< p> Finally, when encountering ED, we should have an early examination, diagnosis and treatment, and do not taboo medical treatment. If trying to take Viagra is ineffective, go to a big hospital, don't believe small advertisements, and rush to the doctor.

Viagra (Viagra, Chinese name: Van Aike) is an oral drug for ED developed by Pfizer, USA. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Viagra has a very significant improvement on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Viagra was listed in China in July 2000. At present, there are more than 1500 literatures proving that Vancouver can cause impotence and premature ejaculation caused by different causes, the success rate of roommate is more than 80%, which shows its reliable curative effect. Viagra has been used by more than 20 million people worldwide, which proves its long-term stability and safety. The effective time of 25-60 minutes coincides with the time required for foreplay and adjusts the roommate time to the maximum drug concentration time. It helps both husband and wife to have a satisfying sex life.

Viagra also has side effects:

<1, erectile failure: men with urethritis and leukemia can erect for a long time after taking it, resulting in injury to pudendal muscle tissue and even aggravation of impotence. If you have an erection for more than four hours, you must seek medical attention immediately. < p > < p > 2, dizziness: clinical trials found that 1 in 10 patients suffered from severe headache, and the larger the dose, the more severe the headache. < p > < p > 3. Eye blurring: About 3% of the drug users had temporary blurred vision, and some also had the illusion of seeing blue light. < p > < p > 4, fainting: the drug may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, if you take nitroglycerin and other drugs at the same time, it will immediately produce dizziness or even fainting symptoms.

5, Cardiovascular Diseases: Impotence may be a precursor to heart disease, diabetes or cancer, and taking the drug may mask the true condition. < p > < p > 6, lower blood pressure: Viagra can cause lower blood pressure, and heart medicine containing trinitroglyceride or nitrate can also reduce blood pressure. So when Viagra is mixed with these drugs, blood pressure will drop dramatically, possibly endangering life.

7. Permanent impotence: Viagra is an exogenous drug. Long-term use of Viagra can produce drug dependence and form permanent impotence.

Five misunderstandings of men taking Viagra

erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disease in adult males. The incidence of ED in middle-aged and elderly males is 50%, and that in young males is 5%-10%. As three Viagra, Vigra, Cialis and Levitra, entered the Chinese market one after another, relieving many patients of pain. Doctors pointed out that many people in the use of drugs there are many misunderstandings, when taking more attention to avoid damage to the body, but also affect the effect.

Myth 1: Understanding the contraindication of Viagra

If taken in conjunction with nitrate drugs (such as nitroglycerin, indomethacin, etc.), which are commonly used in cardiovascular diseases, may significantly reduce blood pressure and cause cardiovascular risk. Therefore, patients taking nitrate drugs in recent years are strictly prohibited from using Viagra. Moreover, sexual life itself consumes physical energy, so patients with cardiovascular disease should not take Viagra to have sex if their heart function is in decompensation or if they suffer from moderate or severe cardiovascular disease. Misconception 2

< strong > Blind seeking for a cure for Viagra

can only temporarily improve erectile function, but can not cure ED. Therefore, patients can only rely on medication when needed to live sexual life. In addition, "Viagra" is not 100% effective, the overall clinical effective rate is about 80%. Severe organic erectile dysfunction patients, due to severe damage to the structure of the penile cavernous body or nerve function, these patients have poor oral drug treatment effect, need surgery implantation of artificial erectile device to be effective. Misconception 3: Waiting for a natural erection after taking Viagra

Many people think that as long as you take the medicine, you will have an erection. In fact, it is not so. After taking the medicine, you need enough sexual stimulation to make the medicine work. Because many patients do not know this characteristic of Viagra, waiting for erection after oral administration of drugs or poor control of sexual life time affect the curative effect.

Myth 4: When taking Viagra, there is a lack of time concept

Viagra, like other drugs, takes about 30-60 minutes of gastrointestinal absorption time after oral administration, and the curative effect lasts for more than 4 hours. The best time of sexual life is 1 - 4 hours after taking medicine. Many patients have bad time control and affect the curative effect.

Myth 5: Understanding the possible side effects