This pediatric examination, from the detection method to the test results, is not scientific! But there are still a lot of parents being pitted.

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This pediatric examination, from the detection method to the test results, is not scientific! But there are still a lot of parents being pitted.

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The growth curve of my baby dropped one square this week. Is there anything missing? Do you want to do a trace element test?

We guarantee that all dolls for 6 months should be tested for trace elements, which is to prepare for supplementary food? Is it necessary?

My baby has been tested for trace elements in the mother and baby shop. People say that the baby is deficient in potassium and iodine. How can we make up for it?

In the background of mother clove, every once in a while, mother will ask about trace element detection.

Whenever she meets such a message, the old editor of Clove Mother sighs: Should the trace element detection of daily physical examination not stop in 2013, why or do it so frequently?

We found from the mothers'messages that this test, which should have stopped earlier, had no momentum to decrease in fever in the past two years, but it had increased.
At the time of physical examination,

was packaged with trace element detection.

was packaged for trace element detection when visiting a doctor.

when vaccinating, do not do this test and do not file.

should have stopped the trace element detection, but it became more "all-pervasive".

Trace element detection has been suspended for six years


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As early as six years ago, the state indicated that trace element detection is not suitable for routine physical examination. In 2013, the State Health Planning Commission issued a special circular on the standardization of trace element detection, emphasizing the need for non-diagnostic treatment, and all kinds of medical institutions at all levels should not carry out trace element detection for children.

and trace element detection should not be used as a general survey item such as physical examination, especially for infants under 6 months.

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This means that it is illegal for children to pack up for trace element detection during general physical examination, medical treatment and vaccination.

The document of the Health Planning Commission clearly states that medical institutions that carry out trace element testing for children in violation of regulations should be handled in accordance with the law.

From the way of detection to the result of detection

general unscientific

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Actually, mothers need not worry about trace element detection itself and its results. Because this check < strong > 1! < strong > < strong > point! Also! No Ke! Learn! When it comes to the determination of trace elements in children,

, ZhuangRuidan, a pediatrician in Clove Clinic, has a clear attitude:

"There is no absolute reliable method for the determination of trace elements in children at present. < strong > < strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / P > < p > < strong > 1. Blood test? Dr. Chuang said, "The most common method of trace element detection is blood sampling, and the results can only barely measure trace elements in haemorrhagic serum. In fact, the trace elements in human body are not only in serum, but also in cells and tissues. The tissue content of these elements can not be detected. "

In addition, even if only the trace elements in serum were measured, the results of this test were quite different.

< p> "Children's serum concentration will be affected by recent diet and water consumption, and the process of blood sampling and testing will interfere with the results. Trace elements themselves are trace substances, with a slight deviation, the results may be quite different. So the results of blood test can not even represent the trace elements in serum. Dr. Chuang added. < p > < p > < strong > 2. Hair examination? < unscientific

In addition to the blood test, the other kind of has been discontinued in most areas of the "hair test" is even worse .

Dr. ZhuangRuidan said, "Baby's hair is exposed to external factors more than blood for a long time. Trace elements in hair can only represent the accumulation of elements over a long period of time in the past. There is no evidence to prove that such a long period of element deposition is proportional to the content of trace elements in baby's body tissues. "

Popularly speaking, the amount of trace elements in hair is more or less, which does not represent the content of trace elements in baby's body. < p > < p > < strong > 3. Clamp your finger? has been exposed as a hoax

As for holding a clip in a mother-to-child store to hold a finger and wrist for a child, and waiting a few seconds to know that the child is missing the trace element detection, that's even worse.

has been confirmed by many news reports that trace element detection in mother and baby stores is only a fraud set up by businesses to promote health products.

In addition, the results of children's trace element examination, even if more accurate, can not be used as a standard to measure the content of trace elements in each baby.

As early as 9 years ago, the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics published an article that trace element examination is not suitable for the nutritional judgment of individual trace elements, but only for the purpose of research and the monitoring of the nutritional status of the population.

Photo Source: Evaluation and Intervention of Trace Element Deficiency in Children

That is to say, even if the results are 100% accurate, the diagnosis and prescription of drugs can not be based on this result.

is actually more important than paying attention to trace elements to ensure a balanced diet for babies. For infants and young children, vitamin D is the only supplement that needs to be supplemented. For others, as long as the milk is sufficient and the nutrition is balanced, the baby can get satisfaction from the daily diet.

However, it is easier said than done to refuse trace element detection. In order to avoid such embarrassment, Mother Clove finally shared a trick from our fans to ensure its effectiveness:

Have you learned how to be smart?

Refuse to do trace element examination, let the children less needle, save themselves and their families.

This article was examined by Zhuangruidan, a pediatrician of Clove Clinic Medical Sciences and a Master of Zhejiang University

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