Save for the "Yin Popular Science" people! The medicine mothers can't take anyway must include this.

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Save for the "Yin Popular Science" people! The medicine mothers can't take anyway must include this.

2019-08-07 00:26:45 7981 ℃
Before starting to read today's article,

Mothers, Xiaobian has a small question to investigate:

Calm down for a second, first vote ~

to tell the truth, Xiaobian first heard about "Yin toxicity" is also a face circle, and then look at those explanations of "Yin toxicity":<< / P > < p > wow! It makes sense for me to believe that ~

< p> is said that Yin and poison can also cause these hazards:

< ul> < li > itching: itching is more than curious. Yin poisoning can change the vaginal environment, appear too acid or too alkali, lower body will itch. < li > < li > pain: pain in the same room, pain in the lower abdomen. Yin and toxin attack the reproductive system, there is erosion and inflammation, will feel pain in the lower abdomen, a stimulation of the same room will also be painful.
  • leucorrhea abnormality: leucorrhea increase and color and odor abnormality. Once the vaginal toxin erodes the female reproductive system, the sepsis secretion will be mixed into the leucorrhea and flow out through the vagina. If the harmful bacteria in vagina multiply excessively, the leucorrhea will have abnormal secretion. < li > < li > aging quickly: yellow spots, wrinkles and large pore. Ovary is the power pump for young women. Yin toxicity leads to the disorder of estrogen secretion in hatchery, which directly shows various problems on the face.
  • Infertility and canceration: Invasion of yin and toxin causes adhesion and acid-base imbalance in the reproductive tract. It is difficult for sperm to pass through to cause infertility. There is no longer a long-term elimination of yin and toxin, and canceration of the reproductive system may occur.
  • and some exaggerated pictures can be shocking!!

    So, is this statement reasonable?

    < p> So we need to talk about the structure of vagina ~

    < p > < 01

    < p > < strong > vagina. What exactly does it look like?

    I wonder if there are any parents who feel embarrassed to see it here?

    This kind of "reserve" does not need at all ~

    You just think like this, the vagina is only an organ, just like the nose and eyes are human organs, the vagina is also an organ.

    Vagina connects uterus and external genitalia, which is the organ of female sexual behavior, and is also the channel for discharging menstruation and delivering fetus . The vagina is located in the middle of the lower part of the female true pelvis and is a narrow upper-wide lower-narrow passage.

    Generally speaking, the vagina of normal women is 7 cm~12 cm long and 2 cm~4 cm wide, which has strong extensibility and elasticity. The vaginal wall is composed of < strong > elastic fibers, muscular layer and mucosa < strong >. Among them, < strong > mucosa is light red, and < strong > has many < strong > transverse folds. Under the influence of sex hormones, there are periodic changes .

    Note the word "cyclical change". The so-called "menstrual cycle excreta, amniotic fluid residues accumulated in the vagina" by the "Yin" popular scientists is not reliable at all!!!

    amniotic fluid and lochia all have special time limits, after which there will be no more! If there are "residues", then it is likely that in the production process has been "sick", such as infection or massive bleeding.

    After the "village" of giving birth to children, there will be no so-called "Yin" store!

    What's more, every time menstruation comes, endometrium falls off and regenerates, accompanied by a large amount of blood outflow, "Yin" popular scientists think that the uterus is playing? < p > < p > < 02 < / P > < p > < strong > Is the vagina susceptible to infection?

    What's in the vagina? Nearly 200 microorganisms

    exist in female vagina, which together constitute the vaginal flora. Lactobacillus accounted for 95% of the total vaginal flora and basically covered the entire vaginal mucosa.

    In fact, the "occupancy" of Lactobacillus is actually the protection of vagina, which prevents some external pathogens from entering the vagina to "settle down";

    In addition, Lactobacillus will compete with other pathogens (such as HPV virus) and consume a large amount of nutrition in the vagina, making it difficult for HPV virus to "survive";

    In addition, Lactobacillus will also compete with other pathogens (such as HPV virus). >

    At the same time, Lactobacillus can secrete hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocin, bacteriocin and biosurfactant to inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, thus maintaining the balance of vaginal microecological environment. Lactobacillus is the "eldest sister" in the vaginal flora. It is the presence of vaginal flora led by Lactobacillus that can make the vaginal immune system of women play its due role and achieve local immunity. From this point of view, the vaginal immune system of normal women works efficiently and does not give some exotic bacteria a chance to form "Yin toxicity"! Conversely, if a female friend trusts the propaganda of some unhealthy microbusinessmen and blindly uses drugs to treat Yin and Toxin, it may destroy the natural balance of guiding bacteria and eventually lead to various inflammation and diseases. < p > < p > < strong > For external use and internal use, is washing healthier?

    Xiaobian found that all the "Yin-toxic" popular science will eventually lead to some kind of female nutrition or various gynecological hospital advertisements in the process of looking through various "Yin-toxic" popular science. For example, aunt's:

    and aunt's:

    in addition, there may be a variety of "patient's personal endorsement" - a basin of liquid that does not know what ingredients in it, shaking white, thick paste, and then tell you: Gee, this is after using my XXX products, you can see that The "Yin toxicity" discharged from the body can only be completely discharged from the body after XX treatment.

    p>Ha?! Xiao Editor feels that IQ has been despised in all directions!

    Besides menstrual blood and leucorrhea, what else can be discharged from the vagina?

    Whisper bb: Even if inflammation or pathological changes (such as vaginitis, etc.) occur, the discharge will not be some kind of "poison" or some kind of bacteria, fungi and so on!

    got vaginitis, private smells, please be sure to register with the regular hospital, obey the doctor's guidance, standardize medication, kill bacteria, etc. On the other hand, the editor also reminds mothers: Don't believe any advertisement that "washing is healthier"!

    < p> vagina itself will have some secretions, especially around menstruation, vaginal secretions will gradually change from thin to more viscous, and the odor will change to some extent, these are normal phenomena!

    Don't blindly listen to advertisements, think it's not clean, and try to eliminate it. The consequence of

    is to change the Ph value of vagina and destroy the living environment of normal vaginal flora.

    The vagina looks clean, harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria "all die out", the resistance to the outside world is greatly reduced, on the contrary, it is easier to get sick! In fact, Xiaobian also knows that many women are more or less afraid of "gynecological inflammation", and in the chaotic "popular science" environment, they will also doubt whether they are suffering from XXXX disease, as they say, so they are not comfortable.

    But the editor also reminds you that the best solution to any discomfort is to go to a regular hospital and find a doctor you trust.

    Don't be blindly collected by all kinds of bad businessmen "IQ Tax"!!!

    Editor said

    If female vagina has "Yin toxicity", need to use a variety of drugs, equipment to discharge, then according to reason, husband is not...

    p>Emmmmm? Why is there no "Yin-Eliminating Drug" for men?

    Blind student, you have found a beautiful spot! (Watson, you found a blind spot)