36-year-old woman, no pain, no diagnosis of lung cancer, a sign on her hand, or has reached the middle and late stages

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36-year-old woman, no pain, no diagnosis of lung cancer, a sign on her hand, or has reached the middle and late stages

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Cancer data showed that lung cancer, morbidity, mortality, and double rate were the first, ranking first in cancer.

Lung cancer, the pathogenesis is hidden, not easy to detect, often overlooked by people, most of the findings are in the middle and late stages.

Many people think of cough when they mention lung cancer. However, not all lung cancers will have a cough.

Ms. Jing, 36 years old, found that the lungs were different in the physical examination of the unit. It is recommended to go to the big hospital for review.

Ms. Jing thought that she never smoked or coughed, and the lungs should have nothing to do.

So, Ms. Jing was busy with her project, that is, three months after the physical examination, before going to the hospital for review.

I did not expect that the result was diagnosed as lung cancer. It has already reached the middle stage and needs to be admitted to hospital immediately.

Ms. Jing did not understand that she was not hurting or smoking, how could she suddenly have lung cancer?

When the doctor saw Ms. Jing’s hands, she couldn’t help but sigh. In fact, the body has already given a “signal”.

Reminder: A sign on the hand, or lung disease has reached the middle and late stage

It turns out that Ms. Jing’s finger ends are thick, It just doesn't hurt, and I don't care.

The doctor informed that this situation, in medicine, is called - the clubbing.

The scorpion finger, also called the sputum finger, is characterized by hyperplasia of the tip of the finger, hypertrophy, and swelling.

Its appearance indicates that the end of the body is severely deprived of oxygen. At this time, most of the lungs have not been damaged.

Many lung tumors, chronic septic disease, and intrapulmonary shunt can cause clubbing.

In addition to smoking, these three habits can also induce lung cancer

smoking, which does damage the lungs and increases the risk of lung cancer.

However, in addition to smoking, there are some behaviors that also contribute to lung health.

1. Long-term exposure to kitchen fumes

People who frequently come into contact with “kitchen fumes” will greatly increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

This is also one of the main reasons for the high incidence of lung cancer in non-smoking women.

A study in the UK showed that cooking on a stove with poor ventilation and low combustion efficiency is equivalent to smoking two packs a day.

2, long-term sadness, depression

People with bad mood, long-term depression, depression, sadness, are also very likely to cause cancer cells to appear.

When people are sad and sad, they can make the lungs depressed, dissipate qi and yin, and seriously damage the lungs.

The pathogenesis of cancer is multi-faceted. Whether the mental state is good or bad is also a key cause of cancer. If long-term gas is in the heart, it is easy to suffer from lung cancer.

3. Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking, also induces lung cancer.

Studies have shown that long-term exposure to second-hand smoke, the risk of lung cancer, will be six times higher than normal.

Women are more sensitive to nicotine, and women's DNA is easily destroyed by carcinogens in tobacco, causing disease.

The longer the exposure to secondhand smoke, the greater the risk of developing lung cancer.

Once there are 3 kinds of "abnormalities", be careful of lung cancer, and check the lung CT in time

1, long-term cough

In life, cough is very common and everyone often ignores it.

However, people who smoke, if they cough for a long time, generally do not feel good for more than a week.

Well, it is best to seek medical advice, especially dry cough, stinging cough, etc.

Long-term cough is also one of the early symptoms of lung cancer.

2, chest tightness, being awakened in the middle of the night

Cardiopulmonary health, breathing is smooth, not boring.

If, when sleeping, the chest tightness is aggravated, and even being awakened, alerting the heart and lung function, has been seriously damaged, it is necessary to check in time, do not ignore.

3, abnormal pain

early stage of lung cancer, alsoThere are some "hidden" performances, especially abnormal pain.

For example, shoulder and back pain, also need to be alert to lung cancer, when there is a tumor in the lung tip, there will be similar pain.

In addition, when lung cancer occurs, up to 50% of people will have irregular pain or dull pain in the chest.

There is also a branch, at night, frequent arm pain, but also be alert to lung cancer.

Radioactive pain occurs in cancer cells, or invading the brachial plexus, which is more severe at night.

raise the lungs, do 4 things well, the lungs will get better and better

the first one: Water to raise the lungs, drink Runfei tea

lung Xi Run, timely replenishment of water, is an important step in the maintenance of the lungs.

often drink lung tea, not only can add water, but also lungs, promote lung detoxification, double the effect of raising lungs.

Using some small lung plants, soaking water for tea, is very beneficial for lung health.

The second one: to raise the lungs, ventilate the lungs

clear gas and turbidity, exchange in the lungs It is very important to raise the lungs with gas.

Deep breathing, can vomit and new, beneficial to lung turbidity, promote lung clean, enhance immunity.

Abdominal breathing is a good choice.

Every inhalation, the lower abdomen should be bulged, so that the gas stagnation Dantian, each exhaled, the lower abdomen admittance, nursed the lung function.

Third: Regular exercise, strong heart and lung

Regular exercise, enhance exercise, improve lung function, protect the lungs health.

Extend your arms and try to expand your chest. Then, use your abdomen to breathe and increase your lung capacity.

Expanding the chest can clear the meridians of the lungs, relax muscle tissue, promote blood circulation in the lungs, and facilitate the discharge of alveolar impurities.

Fourth: Acupoint Raising the lungs, replenishing the lungs

The acupoints of the human body are a magical existence. It is a good choice to protect the lungs by pressing the lungs.

Zhongfu Point is the place where the lungs are directly infused with blood and blood. It is best to regulate Qi, which can help the lungs.

Press the 揉本穴 clockwise every day, then press the hole counterclockwise, each time for 1 to 3 minutes.

It should be noted that the muscles below the Zhongfu point are thin, it is recommended not to work hard, just apply a little force.

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