The roadside everywhere wild grass, is a women's health medicine ""!

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The roadside everywhere wild grass, is a women's health medicine ""!

2016-07-21 02:32:00 469 ℃

When I was a child, I see Grandpa don't female friends to cure, often use two herbs, a is motherwort, another is verbena. Then I'll give you a strange, motherwort named Incredibles is beneficial for women of the grass, the Verbena why to partner with motherwort?

Grandpa patiently explained to me, said top whip grass also known as iron whip, agrimony, Phoenix neck grass, purple dragons bud grass, wild Schizonepeta, whip grass perennial herbaceous plant whip grass Verbena officinalis L. is the dry. In 6 ~ August flowers when cutting, removing impurities, dried can be used as medicine.

Verbena was born in the street, village, field and hillside, more common in folk. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, horsewhip grass taste bitter, cool; has the functions of promoting blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, cut malaria, detoxification, diuresis detumescence effect; application in Zhengjia accumulation, amenorrhoea dysmenorrhoea, malaria, inflammation of the throat, carbuncle swelling, edema, stranguria caused by heat and other disorders.

Japan Hanako Materia Medica "think, Verbena" menstruation, treatment blood woman abdominal distension, Hou uneven, so often with motherwort collocation treat menstruation is not moved, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea etc. disease. And according to Grandpa tell, he with motherwort and Verbena solves the problems of disease of a lot of women, if the motherwort herb is women's health, the special medicine ", so Verbena is women's health" rejuvenation ".

Recorded in ancient books, Verbena can be used to treat women with amenorrhea, the form of cable, the specific usage is to take horsewhip grass roots and shoot 500 grams, fine file, add 500 ml of water, fried into 100 ml, to slag Aocheng paste, each serving Banchi, heat the wine twice a day. Verbena also can be used for treating acute mastitis, Verbena, a bowl of wine, ginger a, total of Daozhi intake into the body, the medicine residue deposited in the affected area.

In fact, the role of a lot of Verbena, far more than the treatment of female disease so simple. Such as malaria fever, Verbenaceae Daozhi can add wine 50 ml, 20 ml, two times a day. For instance, dysentery, Verbena 15 grams, Chen tea a pinch, Shuijianbi. Effect is good; if at the beginning of the red and white dysentery, available Verbenaceae roots torrefaction, crushed into the end, each serving a spoon, with rice soup can be sent to the next.

Whip grass benefits of water swelling effect is also very good, such as bulging polydipsia, dry heishou can with Verbenaceae file detailed, dried with wine or water Tongzhu to taste, to slag take lukewarm; another example areca edema, available Verbena, sage each 100 grams, add water 1000 ml, cook take 500 ml, to the residue, again concentrated fried, and the powder made of balls, such as soybean, each serving two or three pills; such as scrotal swelling and pain (or in the swollen, painful testis), available Verbena mash Tucha affected area.

Verbena can also to sore poison, for all kinds of ulcers and in the herb of preparation "to" pointed out that Verbena "to sepsis and wash hemorrhoids poison, back the upper fire", so the treatment of all kinds of ulcers is a well deserved reputation. Such as scabies intolerable itching, available Verbenaceae Daozhi, drink half a bowl, avoid contact with iron, ten days can be healing; another example of internal and external hemorrhoids, available horsewhip grass root 30 grams, pig intestine, boiled water to braise, once a day.

Verbena with innocence and look forward to your back on love flower, is a women's health and rejuvenation, most women can use Verbena, but for pregnant women is taboo medicine and need to caution.