The tongue of these health passwords, you read a few?

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The tongue of these health passwords, you read a few?

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Read the Chinese friends have done "stick out the tongue" this action. The doctor has to see the tongue, because the tongue and liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney and other organs and meridians, if there is a lesion, can be directly reflected in the tongue. So, to a certain extent, the tongue is a barometer of the health of the human body.

. Specifically, the tongue color is reddish, moist tongue, tongue of moderate size, flexible, uniform coating, thin white and moist. Chinese tongue into the tip of the tongue, tongue, tongue and tongue side. The tongue is a heart and lung, spleen and stomach is the tongue, tongue and tongue on both sides of colon Shenshu, hepatobiliary.

Red tongue, in their heart fire hyperactivity

Healthy people pale red tongue moist, show body harmonic. Pale tongue, red tongue is less white than in two, deficiency of Yang, deficiency of Qi and blood, such as anemia of women. If the tongue is bright red, more common in heat syndrome. Red tip of tongue, if accompanied by irritability, dry throat, likes to drink cold, oral ulcer, makers of hyperactivity of heart fire, drink Kudingcha, or Ophiopogon japonicus, chrysanthemum, sterculia lychnophora on behalf of the tea, sore throat can add honeysuckle.

The tongue is pale, the blood stasis

If the tongue is blue, it usually means Yin Han Sheng comparison, or with blood stasis syndrome, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation of women, some congenital heart disease patients or drug and food poisoning will appear. If the tongue condition hard, trembling, suggesting that liver wind stirring inside, wind phlegm, more common in hypertensive patients, or suggesting that the risk of stroke.

Fat tongue, there are teeth marks, more common in spleen deficiency wet weight

If the fat of the tongue, tongue edge have teeth marks, indicating that the relative shortage of the transport function of the spleen and stomach, more common in the spleen wet weight of the constitution, appropriately increase some with spleen wet food, such as yam, Atractylodes, white lentils, etc.. Some people, some places on the tongue there are moss, and some places no moss, Chinese medicine called "map tongue", if there is no discomfort, is a physiological phenomenon, do not need treatment. If there is a chronic stomach disease or other chronic diseases, more for Yin deficiency.

The main tongue to see the color, moisture, thickness etc.

The tongue produced by the stomach, observing the tongue mainly to see the color, moisture, thickness etc.. Thickening of tongue coating is stomach clamp caused by dampness, or in vivo phlegm, wet, water, drink, indigestion and other, suggesting that patients may have a digestive system and respiratory system diseases. From thick to thin coating on the tongue, tongue and thin white fur, indicating that the illness has taken a turn for the better; tongue from thin to thick, that evil Sheng gradually, or a table into evil, the illness is aggravating. The tongue yellow, suggesting the interior heat syndrome and in vivo, moss color is yellow, heat evil heavier. Black or gray fur fur is more common in chronic illness or seriously ill people.

Can also observe the thickness and color of the tongue Blood Meridian, normally under the context of medium thickness, color is blue. If the context becomes thick, the color of blood stasis, cardiovascular disease patients may increase.

Need to remind you is, tongue, although it may reflect changes in the human body viscera and meridians, but not tongue alone to diagnose a disease, to synthesis of the four diagnostic methods. Therefore, when the body is not timely, but also in time to see a doctor. (this article is the author of the original, starting in the "life times" (2013 01, 11, Fifteenth Edition)

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