Proper use of moxibustion instruments to allow you to easily moxibustion

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Proper use of moxibustion instruments to allow you to easily moxibustion

2016-07-21 02:36:36 279 ℃

Recently, many friends have asked a small series, many points themselves can not directly moxibustion, and can not find someone to help, there is no good way to their own moxibustion any acupuncture points it? Hey, there are such a good way. Sometimes we can remember the moxibustion apparatus to make it easy to moxibustion, the effect is good, do not bother people. TodayDr. AI (WeChat public number: cshdsw)We introduce some methods of using moxibustion apparatus.

Use method of moxibustion on AI doctor

First they buy a portable moxibustion moxa column and a box of doctor AI

Take a little Moxa Doctor fixed on the portable moxibustion moxa column, wire

Doctor AI lit moxa column

Put the lid on the portable moxibustion, adjust the good temperature

A portable moxibustion cover fixed on Acupoint Moxibustion to.

Use method of moxibustion box of AI

A single hole moxibustion box, double moxibustion box, three holes moxibustion box, flageolet moxibustion box moxibustion box and methods for their use are the same. Dr. AI is here to select a single hole moxibustion box to operate.

The lid moxibustion box opened, prepare a moxa

Insert the cover on the moxa stick hole, ignite moxa

Adjust the height of moxa, the lid is fixed on the moxibustion acupoint.

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