The Chinese say, summer dog should be "forced hot cold", or the body can discharge the damp, prolong life

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The Chinese say, summer dog should be "forced hot cold", or the body can discharge the damp, prolong life

2016-07-21 02:39:08 308 ℃

Summer is the most in Sheng Qi period body 1 years, winter disease in summer was Zhizheng. 1 years on the 1, I hope everyone will pay attention to! This year's summer in a total of 40 days, into July 17th, ambush in July 27th, August 16th to August 25th Mofu, Chu fu.

This time, not to drink cold water and cold, the body can not be excreted or cold. The cold winter, some people will fear of cold, cold limbs, because summer dog days do not pay attention to health, if you want to discharge body cold and hot summer days to drink hot water, can make the body for many years deep to force the in vitro.

The dog days of the "V", is a latent evil, evil means heat evil. For the heat of the day to rest, can not move, if not heat evil, to reduce pathogenic fire fall lung injury, immunity, susceptibility to colds cough. In the winter the disease is easy to repeat, winter worse.

So don't be afraid of the summer heat only hide the air conditioning room. Cold can not disappear, will only hurt the stomach. Drink hot tea will immediately sweating, but then will feel cool.

Summer in the muscles of the human body to evacuate, Qi and blood smooth, can help the penetration and absorption of drugs, the curative effect of disease prevention.

In the summer should pay attention to these;

Multi nutritional supplement to digest eat light food, eat less spicy greasy, smoking and drinking, but also nerves meditation, little anger to quit, dry.

Pay attention to these days to eat:

Duoganduo acid, fresh ingredients, water and health, Qi Quhuo

In summer for appressed

Sharf Tianyang gas most foot, the positive paste deposited in related acupuncture point, when the pores are open, help paste penetration and absorption. Is conducive to the body of cold dampness is excreted, now people love to eat cold blow air conditioning, many of which are of Yang deficiency constitution, such people the most appropriate appressed, Chinese medicine treatment is far better than western medicine side effects, so highly respected.

Xia Futian how to treat air conditioning disease:

1, early onset, take appropriate amount of ginger and brown sugar, boil 2 bowls of brown sugar and ginger tea, sweating

2, eat egg noodles, soup to more, more put ginger, stomach.

3, the red knots, rash, drink green bean soup, can detoxify

5, hot water to soak the foot, good sweat, sweat, condition is better.

6, cupping, scraping

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