How can the extermination of beriberi?

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How can the extermination of beriberi?

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Beriberi, often brings aHoney embarrassment

such as

YouBefore people dress fresh and beautiful,

After the second pull pin tahan.

YouTake off your shoes for a moment,

Is the end.

YouSocks feet,

Is a kind of pain that can breathe.

YouNo mosquito,

There are no mosquitoes in the room.

YouLove's wheel chair.

Baby can no longer be a cool to eat melon masses,

Here are some can eradicate beriberiRecipe.

:Three kinds of beriberi


Erosive beriberi

Between the toes skin moist, dip pale, erosion surface with flushing, severe itching. Multiple in the toe, foot can be involved.<1Two3>


Blister type beriberi

A small blister of different sizes between the toes, which can occur on the bottom of the foot, as a result of bacterial secondary infection. Global transparent liquid, usually distributed in groups, itchy, scratching can spread to the surrounding, accompanied by an unpleasant odor.<12Three>

3Keratinizing beriberi

Such beriberi multiple on the soles of the feet and the root, skin rough and dry, accompanied by scaling, and even chapped bleeding phenomenon, seriously affected area will feel burning pain. Feet itching but no obvious blisters.

Then what should we do


Stubborn beriberi?

Medicine for curing beriberi

Antifungal agents such as miconazole ointment and yellow skin ointment are very effective.


Sooner or later each time apply to clean the affected area, the symptoms disappeared after two weeks still need to insist to use, to completely kill deep fungi.

Zuguangsan feet can get rid of the feet of dead skin to thoroughly disinfect.


The powder into the boiling water, stirring temperature, soak your feet for 20-30 minutes, once a day, one bag. After soaking the foot wash, can also be coated with Dakening ointment deep sterilization.

Vinegar beriberi

Will feet washed, vinegar and warm water to 3:5 proportion (volume shoulds not be too much, otherwise it will affect the effect of sterilization), soak feet for 20 to 30 minutes, once a day. This method is suitable to lesser symptoms.

Pepper water soaking

Pepper has a certain irritation, the Chinese prickly ash water, their feet can relieve itching, anti-virus, have a good help to inhibit the growth of mold. Because of its irritating, not long-term repeated use of the treatment, the symptoms disappeared after the beriberi can be stopped.


50 grams of pepper with cotton wrapped tightly tied into the water, boil water, soak the foot. Soak 20 minutes a night, a Chinese prickly ash bag can be used for a week.

Dietotherapy beriberi

Deal with beriberi the best therapeutic approach is to eat brown rice, brown rice and rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B1 also known as anti beriberi factor, its deficiency can lead to beriberi, so the usual food should replenish the vitamin.


Soak brown rice in cold water for one hour, put into the pot and cook, you can eat. Vitamin B1 levels of food grains (skin), beans, nuts, usually should be appropriate to supplement the nutrition.

Cut off the source of infection

The socks and shoes in the sunlight for 24 hours thorough sterilization, or irradiated with ultraviolet light for 15 minutes, can sterilization. Beriberi fungi are anaerobic bacteria, so don't wear shoes too closed, many of the legs are exposed in the air, help the treatment of beriberi.

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