The only can prevent cervical cancer vaccine to come but you have passed the age of vaccination how to do?

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The only can prevent cervical cancer vaccine to come but you have passed the age of vaccination how to do?

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Time and again the HPV vaccine

Finally determined to be listed in the country!

In recent days, your circle of friends must be such a message to brush the screen......

CervicalCancer is a global womanThe second most common cancers of the third largest and the most common female in china,Is currently the only cause of clear, can be early prevention and cure of malignant tumor, is the only one can reduce the incidence of cancer through vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) yesterday (July 18) announced that Siri suitable marketing approval of Chinese food and Drug Administration (Cervarix, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine [16 type and 18]), becomeMainland China's first approved HPV vaccine for cervical cancer prevention,For 25 to 9 years of age of female vaccination, mainly for 9~14 year old girl. 3 doses of immunization procedures, is expected to be officially listed in the beginning of next year.

We carefully found that the recommended HPV vaccination population for 9~25 year old women, 26 years of age or older can be vaccinated, but the effect is not good, the significance is not.

First to talk about why women get cervical cancer?

You're right!Human papilloma virus (HPV)Is the cause of cervical lesions and cervical cancer.

At present, more than 120 kinds of HPV have been found, about 35 species are associated with genital tract infection, of which about 20 are related to tumor.

Young women infected with HPV are common, and the vast majority will be cleared by their own immune system and will not cause disease. Only high-risk HPV persistent infection, can cause cervical precancerous lesions or cervical cancer, just need to cause enough attention.

Playing HPV vaccine, age is not the most important

Sexual life and close contact is the main way of HPV infection, in the beginning of sexual life before vaccination HPV vaccine in order to effectively prevent the HPV, so with 9~25 years of age of the recommended age. Thus, in fact, age is not the most important factor, there is no asexual life! And, even if there is a sex life, there is no chance of exposure to all subtypes of HPV, as long as it is not infected with HPV16 and 18, vaccination HPV vaccine (16 and 18) is effective.

About 70% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV16 and 18, which means that about 30% of cervical cancer can not be due to vaccination in mainland China will soon be listed on the HPV vaccine to prevent. Therefore, even if all women are vaccinated HPV, even after the vaccination to protect the force reached 100%, it can not completely prevent cervical cancer. Even if the injection of HPV vaccine, still adhere to the regular physical examination. As the screening methods of cervical cancer, cervical cytology is still a strong anti-cancer front dike!

Is there a sex life, there is no need to be vaccinated?

Can be vaccinated, basically can be vaccinated at any time, but once the sexual life begins, the opportunity to infect HPV greatly increased, the official institutions from the perspective of drug economics to consider, not worth.

Cancer is not terrible, regular screening is the kingly way

Cancer is not terrible, terrible is not regularly go to the hospital for gynecological examination, missed the best time for early treatment of precancerous lesions!

Cervical cancer is currently all cancers in the only cause specific (HPV), only can be early prevention and treatment, only hope to eradicate cancer, as long as the regular scientific and rational screening and follow-up, will be able to stay away from cervical cancer.

Sex life more than 3 years and 30 years of age or older women, it is best to do once a yearHigh risk type HPV and TCT (liquid based cytology test), if the results are normal for 2 consecutive years, can be spaced 2~3 annual inspection.