Health knowledge: what is the benefit of diabetic patients to eat more meat? Please forward to your diabetes!!

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Health knowledge: what is the benefit of diabetic patients to eat more meat? Please forward to your diabetes!!

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In life! We should eat more fish, fish, the taste is delicious, nutritional value is high, and the protein content of fish protein content is much higher than the pork, and fat content is not high, very suitable for people with diabetes consumption. Follow our experts to understand the specific aspects of the specific content.

6 major advantages of eating fish in people with diabetes

1, the fish has a puzzle, brain function for diabetes please forward!!

Modern scientific research has shown, everyone's brain more than 50% of the material is formed by full fatty acids, and fatty fish certainly most is not full of fatty acid, for the human brain metabolism supply enough nutrition. Especially it fish rich in a common full fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) on human brain cells especially nerve this guide a primary role, so young to eat more fish is helpful to mental development.

2, help to decrease blood viscosity

Fish is rich in fat, but it is different from other kinds of meat or fat in fried foods. EPA, the main nutritional component of fish, is the human body itself can not be synthesized but not the lack of primary nutrients, it has to assist in decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and promote the body's metabolism of fatty acids.

And then play a decreased blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, and improve the organization of oxygen and eliminate fatigue. With the EPA will avoid fat accumulation in the vascular wall to prevent cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

3, to prevent diabetic nephropathy

According to the study found that in patients with diabetes, eating fish frequency less than a week once the, 18% had urinary protein, and at frequencies higher than once a week, urine protein share dropped to 4%. Adler said. The results have shown that eating a lot of fish can prevent due to diabetes and cause kidney damage. This may be due to fish oil to improve the lipid profile, and then cut the onset of kidney disease, there may be protein in fish and other trace elements have a role in kidney maintenance.

Not full fatty acids were similar in certain treatment psychiatric drugs, can restrain the part of the brain cell activity, and help to stabilize mood. Another study found that depression was associated with less fatty acid intake, and then estimated that the primary substance that was rich in the effects of brain cell communication.

6, can get a variety of nutrients

Fish contain high quality protein and the essential amino acids content share more in line with the needs of human physiology; fat first and foremost is to not full fatty acids. This does not however diabetic patients required nutrition, also can be lipid-lowering.

Because fish contain more than fatty acids, and their share of the ideal, is conducive to the regulation of blood sugar and prevent complications of diabetes. In addition, fish is also rich in fat soluble vitamins A and D, therefore, people with diabetes can also get calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other substances.

Hand in hand to teach you to do a good job of fish feast

Tea steamed crucian carp:Small carp 200g, steamed fish, Green Tea 20g mercy, danshi. Suitable for diabetes.

Braised Abalone with turnip:Dried abalone 20g, fresh radish 250g, add water to the pot cooked, meat eating soup. Suitable for general patients with diabetes.

Ricefield eel:Has the function of regulating blood sugar. The foods in the manufacture of rice field eel: Ginseng steamed eel section, gizzard membrane eel, braised eel shreds, Guishen fish and eel, Cui skin burst eel, can be used.

Stewed bastard:Live bastard 200g, onion, ginger, bamboo shoots, wine appropriate, stewed soup. Suitable for old age diabetic patients with kidney yin deficiency.

Leek boiled clam meat:Leek 250g, clam meat 250g, cooking wine, ginger, salt amount, cooked meat Yin Tang, suitable for diabetic kidney yin deficiency.

Corn to be stewed clam:Corn 100g, meat 150g, salt, cooking wine, onion appropriate. Cooked food and drink soup, suitable for general patients with diabetes.

Snail:Large snail 10 to 20, a small amount of salt, ginger and green onions, cooked food and drink the soup.

Blood sugar control outstanding friends, what fish can eat, only the conversion of good heat, the use of good food exchange, what fish can enjoy.

But pay attention to a point: the production of fish is very important when cooking methods. Best not to eat boiled fish, fried fish, fish braised in brown sauce, or sweet and sour fish, Steamed / boiled, high uric acid sugar friends to eat fish, the best not to drink soup.

If you think it useful to you, please move your finger forward for diabetes!! Thank you for supporting us!!!

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