Eat to bite the tongue, not want to eat meat, but to get sick!

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Eat to bite the tongue, not want to eat meat, but to get sick!

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As an old saying goes: eat love bite the tongue is to eat meat. When eating, and occasionally bite the tongue is a normal phenomenon, but if the teeth are always oppressed tongue, it is necessary to do a health review. The tongue movement is controlled by the nervous system, any part of the problem, the tongue movement will be affected.

Bite the tongue

Changes of tongue in TCM and is the expression of one of the main organs of the human body, the tongue can reflect the internal organs of some diseases.Bite the tongue and real, virtual, such as spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency. At the tongue, on the edge of some tooth marked tongue body fat, this easy to bite the tongue; real example firelight hyperactivity, anger on the inflammation, easy to bite the tongue, but in this case must to syndrome differentiation combined with the state of the human body.

Dinner talk too much, the food is too hot to bite the tongue causes, the elimination of these factors, the movement of the tongue is controlled by the nervous system, a part of any problem, movement of the tongue will be affected.

  1. In the first case, the tongue movement is out of the question;

  2. In second cases, the tongue and mouth feel the obstacle, no feeling;

  3. In the third case, chewing and tongue movements are out of balance.Often biting the tongue may be the problem is a stroke, for example, a small infarct, cerebral infarction,Even cerebral hemorrhage, intracranial long tumor.

Bite the tongue may be a sign of a stroke.

Bite your tongue regularly (two or three times a week),It is very likely that older people often have a precursor to the disease (such as a stroke, or a brain hemorrhage or a tumor mass in the head)., need to pay attention to.

  • Should pay attention to psychological prevention, keep the spirit of happy, emotional stability.Advocate a healthy lifestyle, regular lifestyle.To maintain a smooth stool, to avoid a sharp increase in blood pressure due to forced defecation, causing cerebrovascular disease.

  • With low salt, low fat, low cholesterol food is appropriate.Appropriate to eat beans, vegetables and fruits, quit smoking, drinking and other bad habits.

  • Should gradually adapt to the environment temperature, indoor air conditioning temperature should not be too high,Avoid sudden shifts from the higher temperature to the lower temperature of the outdoor outdoor (especially the elderly), go out to keep warm.

[] small folk prescription to treat stroke

1, cassia tea:Huaihua 6 grams with open blisters, when the tea.

2, mashed garlic:2 cloves garlic, garlic peeled, smashed drunk. Applied to the root of the root, with the treatment of stroke.

3, radish soup:Will wash the carrot, white radish peeled, cut into irregular block, the cut the vegetables with the right amount of water and cook for about 15 minutes, with a net sieve to vegetables, only drink soup.

Its tongue out and retracted immediately, repeated 20 to 30 times, the tongue to the left and right swing back and forth 20-30 times, in the mouth do 5-8 times clockwise and counterclockwise stir, every day to practice can not only effective prevention and treatment of numbness of the tongue and the tongue is not flexible, but also can promote the blood circulation of heart and brain, mitigation and treatment of the condition of the patients with cerebral insufficiency.

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