Cartoon: dysmenorrhea in the end is what kind of experience?

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Cartoon: dysmenorrhea in the end is what kind of experience?

2016-07-21 03:00:26 851 ℃

According to statistics, half of the world's women, have had the experience of dysmenorrhea. The following graffiti from the United States news website BuzzFeed female editors reporters, they are on the personal experience of dysmenorrhea.

Period of many women are very bad things, pain, that a tragic pain rolling on the floor in a cold sweat DC...

The bust was hit two fists, abdominal bleeding

In a bad temper, crazy ah ah ah...... But, too good, not pregnant.

Abdominal: I really want to spit ah...... Then just......

The body feels to fall like a knife in the abdomen of countless constantly stabbed stabbed.

Chest pain, head, abdomen is like two demons in the rally, bleeding

His blood soaked, foot knife, the entire people in a crazy; however, not pregnant, is really good

Ovarian sting, all kinds of helpless

Feel like everyone is so terrible, the vagina is like a big sucker.

For help, my blood runs dry

Very emotional, like the abdomen stabbed, abdomen blood DC, chest expansion

Face Zhangdou, breasts, buttocks become large, stomach gas around, abdominal bleeding

Endometriosis, all kinds of pain, I should not go to see a doctor, but to see the big aunt good shame, or endure?

As the Lord of the rings in the middle war period

Terrible menstruation came again, my mother's eggs, my sofa, my pants were all over my aunt...... The vagina like grumpy cat, do not stop the SA

I'm a girl for Mao. I am also a hairy hair girl?

Too painful

- can't get out of the couch

- the egg is so strange to me that I'm dead.

- as long as it can ease some of the ways I have been willing to try

Ah ah, ah ah, a few punches will be a bit more comfortable ah ah

I can't paint......

Feel the devil uterus trying to kill me, the stomach has been placed a warm pad, feel like 8 months pregnant.

A haze......

Source: Leviathan

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