The culprit may be it your foot, said it can be treated in traditional Chinese medicine!

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The culprit may be it your foot, said it can be treated in traditional Chinese medicine!

2016-07-21 03:04:24 380 ℃

Talk about Chinese medicine classic, "said a way of keeping good health ~ ~ ~ welcome to WeChat public health concern Line No.

Daily life or work, there are a lot of people need to stand for a long time, a long time will appearAnkle pain, local swelling, pain, bruising, limitation of limbs and other symptoms. If you do not pay attention, it will bring a lot of trouble to people's lives.

Today Xiaobian tell you a good way to treat ankle pain --Massage Kunlun points,A long standing friend can collect this method.

Kunlun cave is the earliest record found in the "coffin - the lost". It has the dredging effect, mainly used for the treatment of headache, lumbago, ankle swelling, pain syndrome.

The exact location of the Kunlun cave is in the foot, located outside the ankle. "The lost" coffin - says "in the lateral malleolus after calcaneal".

At the foot of the lateral malleolus posteriorly, with the hand will find a hollow place between the tip of the lateral malleolus and the Achilles tendon, which is the Kunlun cave.

He points to acupuncture point treatmentAnkle pain?

To rub Kunlun points

After finding a good point, you can use the middle finger or the thumb of the pulp by rubbing Kunlun points. According to the kneading time, middle finger the abdomen in front of the Kunlun points applied pressure, the acupoint feel aching numb, and then start to do rotation Anrou, strength from light to heavy.

Can also be used in the middle finger fingertip points.

Press 5-10 minutes every time. If you are not easy to operate, you can help your family or friends to help massage.

Moxibustion Kunlun point

When the end of the moxa stick moxibustion, lit near point Kunlun, point distance of 2-3 cm, with warm skin is appropriate.

Can a bird pecking moxibustion and so.

Also in the above point circle moxibustion.

But the action should be gentle and slow. General moxibustion 15-20 minutes, with local skin micro red, warm is appropriate. Once a day, ten days a course of treatment.


Remember:If the massage for a period of time, the effect is not obvious, it is best to consult the hospital doctor, a clear cause, and thus symptomatic treatment.

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