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Even through the feet learn health knowledge

2016-07-21 03:04:57 446 ℃

The next article, through the eyes, ears, mouth and other facial features to determine the health of the body, today we are concerned about the health problems can be seen through the feet.

Every day in the walk, have a careful observation of their feet? A lot of people say that the hand is the second face of the people, in fact, the foot is also. Some slight changes in the feet, reminding us of some of the health of the body.

A wound, the more difficult the mouth - diabetes or skin cancer

Difficult to heal wounds, refractory ulcers are early warning signs of diabetes, the foot wound is difficult to heal because of diabetes caused by the foot caused by damage to the audit.

In addition, the wound healing, but also may be due to the relationship between skin cancer. Melanoma can occur anywhere in the body, and there is a potential between the toes.

Two, the foot often cramps - dehydration or lack of nutrition

The body dehydration, lack of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other elements, will cause leg cramps. Foot and toes stretching direction nose can alleviate foot cramps problems. If the situation has not been alleviated, more serious, you need to find a professional doctor for testing, to see if the body is a circulatory disorder or nerve damage.

The survey shows that the foot brings together a large number of nerves, the feet are also affected by the main part of the nerve function, because the foot is located in the heart and spine of the most remote. If the toe hairs suddenly become abrupt, that we did not get enough blood in extremity.

Four, the foot is often cold - hypothyroidism

Feet always feel cold, to be careful is caused by hypothyroidism. More than 40 years of age or older, hypothyroidism can lead to fatigue, weight gain, depression, hair loss, and so on. If you need a diagnosis, you can go to the hospital for blood tests.

Five, the foot joint becomes big - gout or inflammation

Joint sudden fever, redness and swelling are mostly due to gout, trauma infection, arthritis, the situation is serious, should go to the hospital for medical treatment.

Six, gray nails - fungal infection

Nails become brittle and become turbid, easy peeling is the symptom of ringworm of the nails is generally caused by a fungal infection, often use low-quality nail polish, pedicure excessive, rainy day trip barefoot sewage will cause ringworm of the nails.

Seven, skin itching, peeling, beriberi

Athlete's foot is medicine tinea, ringworm of the nails with as, most is caused by a fungal infection, in public places do not pay attention to the protection to the feet, just wear someone else's slippers are susceptible to tinea pedis. For beriberi, generally through topical antifungal therapy.

Eight, often feet ma - nerve problems

The most common causes of chronic alcoholism, diabetes, and side effects of chemotherapy were the most common causes of numbness. If the single foot appears numbness, may be because of the ankle, the back of the nerve caused by atrophy. If it is only a brief sex and occasional foot trouble is normal, do not have to pay attention to.

Nine, heel pain, plantar fasciitis

Heel pain generally get up or stand up from the chair, feet of severe pain. This situation, because it is generally lead to the habit that wear a shoe, usually pay attention to on foot to relax and stretching, the symptoms will be improved.

In traditional Chinese medicine, by toe shape, toenails, and foot palm, toes forced can also see human health problems.

Stimulate foot acupuncture points, can promote the health of the body

TCM science. Early on, "disease, is riddled with foot rule," said by stimulating the acupuncture points of feet can accelerate the body blood circulation, regulating the body meridians and the viscera function:

As to stimulate Yongquan treatment of hypertension, insomnia, dizziness, headache, aching.

Stimulation of Neiting treatment of stomachache, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, stimulation of Dadun points in the treatment of urinary system diseases.