This kind of wild flower know, it is the root of the six kinds of Huang Di Huang pill

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This kind of wild flower know, it is the root of the six kinds of Huang Di Huang pill

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Six kinds of pills, carrying the students of traditional Chinese medicine university students always remember. Either party song or, six drugs or have been spread of kidney effects to magnify the miraculous. In my memory, the young people eat six kinds of yellow pill will be lit phenomenon. Also have the patient said to eat six Wei Di Huang pill people will appear very spirit, who knows which is true?

There are of course six Rehmannia rehmannia, should be used to estimate or land, some people also think for a while. Life or land worth mentioning, is a kind of grass roots, we referred to as rehmannia. Di Huang has a good regional, in general, it is better to produce from the house. Huaiqingfu, is a confusing geographical concept, today is not to talk.

Our hometown, also has the root of the root, is the kind of wild. Because few people know, and not the size, so no one to talk to her, let the emerge of itself and perish of itself. But it is very tenacious vitality, while exposed to the weather, drought or waterlogging or can still see its shadow.

As for Rehmannia rehmannia and radix rehmanniae, fresh rehmannia, sweet and bitter cold. Raw root: Gan, cold. Huang: Gan, tepid. Overall, Rehmannia with Ziyin kidney, nourishing blood, cooling effect.

Fresh rehmannia is heat Sheng Jin, cooling blood, hemostatic effect, for fever Shangyin, crimson tongue polydipsia, a rash of spots, hematemesis, epistaxis, sore throat. Is Shengdihuang heat and cooling blood, nourishing Yin, Sheng jin. Crimson tongue for fever polydipsia, yin deficiency, deficiency to heat, heat diabetes, hematemesis, epistaxis, hair spot rash. Rehmannia glutinosa is nourishing yin and blood, tonifying the kidney essence. For liver and kidney deficiency, lumbar debility, bone steaming hot, night sweats spermatorrhea, heat diabetes, blood deficiency chlorosis, palpitation, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, vertigo, tinnitus, early white beard and hair.

The Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill in Rehmannia is rehmannia, kind of black lumps. Radix Rehmanniae Preparata can Ziyin Bushen, the only bad is too greasy, affecting the function of intestines and stomach, so when used to and digestion of traditional Chinese medicine such as Amomum villosum Lour.

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