Dried toad in the treatment of tumor new uses

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Dried toad in the treatment of tumor new uses

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Toad medicine has a long history, in tumor therapy for lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer and so on, curative effect is better, I in tumor clinical experience toad should be burnt charcoal, appropriate water simmer in water, boil dried toad in the treatment of tumor hemorrhage and lymph node metastasis of cancer, subcutaneous metastasis of cancer, malignant lymphoma and carcinomatous ascites aspect also has obvious curative effect, now person I know a little bit statements on and reference to fellows.

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1 treatment of tumor bleeding

Tumor hemorrhage is a common complication of tumor and the quantity more or less, part with routine western drugs is still valid, when applied dry burning toad, often 1-2 days hemorrhage decreased, 7-10 days blood stopping. Toad living or fresh broken blood power is very strong, contribute to the bleeding, but after the charcoal fire scorched, and good hemostatic effect and burn dried toad for blood in the stool, hematemesis, epistaxis and other symptoms. Such as Qinhuangdao City, a stone surname female patients, gastric signet ring cell carcinoma (stage IV), in Beijing in a tumor hospital underwent open laparotomy was hematochezia and life quality poor chemotherapy cannot, hemoglobin 5.6g/L, fecal occult blood (+ + + +), through service of Chinese and Western drug is invalid, treated by burning dried toad daily 10g, fried thick meal service frequency, 3 days without stool, fecal occult blood (+), 7 days of fecal occult blood test (-), after all no blood in the stool. And as Beijing City, a man named Li patients, stage IV adenocarcinoma of lung cancer, poor health, not to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as the first symptom in sputum carrying a blood clot, times service of Chinese and Western medicine has not improved, oral boil dry toad 10g, concentrated fried meal service frequency, sputum in 2 days after no clot, only a small amount of blood, 7 days after sputum without blood.

2 lymph node metastasis and malignant lymphoma

Lymphatic metastasis is a common malignant tumor metastasis pathway, some tumors are not sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the cancer of unknown primary site part of the lymphatic metastasis, chemotherapy is not clear and lymph node metastasis cancer patients quality of life is low, difficult to accept radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Dry toad not only to the lymph node metastasis of cancer, but also has good effect on malignant lymphoma. Above Qinhuangdao Seok female patients and widespread metastases of gastric signet ring cell carcinoma and left supraclavicular lymph node metastasis fusion for 1.2x1.4cm tumor size, daily fried thick burn dried toad 10g, meal frequency service 7 days after tumor shrink 0.6x0.6cm, 10 days after the failed to touch swollen content. And as the Hohhot City, a non Hodgkin's lymphoma (stage IV), who has given radiotherapy and chemotherapy, nearly fever, back pain can not sit, significant abnormal liver function, tumor cells in the bone marrow infiltration, low white blood cells, unwilling to accept chemotherapy, burning the dried toad based traditional Chinese medicine decoction with alloy dragon capsule, 4 days after thermal annealing, 7 days low back pain significantly reduced, after 15 days of low back pain disappeared, 32 days after thoracic and abdominal CT revealed no abnormalities.

3 metastatic carcinoma of the skin

Subcutaneous metastasis and malignant tumor metastasis of, transfer number and every part of the body all can appear, at present, the treatment methods and the effect is not ideal by burning dried toad generally about 30 days subcutaneous metastasis can disappear. Such as, Shunyi District, Peking City Luan surname female patients, extensive stage of non small cell lung cancer, due to economic constraints, grant only a course of radiotherapy, radiotherapy is less than 2 months, back of the hand and back visible 3 subcutaneous metastases, 2.0x2.0 one of the biggest cm, daily oral burn dried toad 10 g, one month after subcutaneous metastases disappeared.

4, cancerous ascites

Ascites is a common complication of malignant tumor. It has the characteristics of stubborn, large quantity and easy to be repeated. The main methods of treatment are chemotherapy, diuretic and supplementary protein. Burn dried toad has anti-cancer diuretic effect, but the clinical treatment of ascites is not much, I according to the disease outside the governance theory and TCM syndrome differentiation, combined with umbilical ministry of dermal tissue, macromolecules are advised by the characteristics of, umbilicus moxibustion have Tongluo Onyang diuresis, by burning dried toad as the main drug, with Warming Yang, promoting blood and diuresis in Chinese traditional medicine, concentrated fried into a paste and moxibustion at the navel, the curative effect is remarkable, and avoid the late a lot of tumor ascites medication difficult problems.

Toad strong anti-cancer effects, but its side effects is limit the wide application of the reasons, the charcoal is burnt deposit, and its role in hemostasis and the cardiac toxicity significantly reduced. Dry braised toad water fried taste spicy, astringent, gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, poor appetite, even vomiting, monotherapy should be concentrated fried, after a small amount of service frequency; compound should join bamboo shavings, coptis root, inula flower, concentrated fried after meals.

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