Because of the human body, regulating gas channel! Yang Yang Chi point excitation, rub!

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Because of the human body, regulating gas channel! Yang Yang Chi point excitation, rub!

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Were in accordance with the "Yellow Emperor" said, is one of the main meridian of gas. Diseases from the air, from another point of view, the triple energizer is a punching bag, when the evil of people from the Sanjiao channel drain away, people would not be sick, blocked the punching bag afraid of fear, on the whole issue to the.

I want to come over this meridian, translation to it, or you don't understand. "What is the"? Chinese take it as one of the six Fu organs, "Fu" is the vessel cavity. The stomach is a container cavity, bowel is a cavity, the triple energizer is to the viscera are included in the inside of the cavity.

Therefore, the triple energizer is one of the largest human organ, the main body of the gas, a large channel that is adjustable gas.

Throat Sore

Sore throat & Guan Chong points

Treatment of heart were suffocated, carsick, sore throat, acute pharyngitis: rub Guanchong point

Guanchong hole is the first point on the meridian. This point is very small, with nails or knuckles break in order to have effect. It is this place because of the air bag. My heart block stuffy, it should be rubbed off red point, the hearts of the gas to put out. But can not say especially confused in mind where uncomfortable, should rub Guanchong hole, the inside of the gas away.

In fact, there are many uncomfortable places in the body, the most important is often love siltation stomach gas. So we have always stressed the need to constantly push the abdomen, pushing the abdominal after a few hiccups, put a few fart, blood immediately smooth. When the Qi and blood is a pass, the disease can not stay in the body.

Guan Chong acupoint can treat motion sickness. Kneading clearance blanking plug carsick, usually very useful. Because the stomach is carsick stink up, but as long as a few hiccups, carsick right away. This is the reason for the foul air blocking you sick there. Clearance blanking plug is the exhaust port, stimulate it can help the Zhuoqi scattered scattered, though scattered is not particularly but casual bit will be a little uncomfortable. Then you rub Laogong, carsick almost ready.

Guan Chong points but also for the treatment of sore throat, acute inflammation of the throat. This kind of disease has a great relationship with Qi stagnation. Gave birth to a lot of gas, gas can not go out will be inflammation. Guanchong point since the exhaust can Quhuo, because the gas is more than fire, of course this gas refers to oil and gas.


& liquid gate point

Have a treat dry eyes, dry mouth, sore throat, dry throat, body fever, fatigue: rubbing energy-saving

Liquid gate hole in the ring finger and little finger joints, wore the ring finger bones, push more pain. "Liquid gate", as the name suggests is the liquid gate.

Were excited: rub the body Yang Yang Chi point

Yang Chi point is meridian on points. "Yang Chi" is the accumulation of human body Yang. A rub on the Yang Chi point, Yang was inspired by the body's Yang will be up and running.

Sometimes the body's Yang running it up, it is because there is vitiated stomach, prevent foul air Yang operation. Some people say that want to accelerate the blood circulation, then you have to put it off the foul air. "Your don't go, new blood is not life, remember this sentence. We should push the row gas belly, or rub zhongwan. In fact, when to push the abdominal Zhongwan way also pushed, but also push the other points in the stomach. Some people stomach where the old cold, you take the moxa stick moxibustion, every day moxibustion Zhongwan point, while rubbing the Yang Chi point, this body of foul air to and righteousness to enter, the blood to transport it.

In addition, if there is energy, again moxibustion Qihai, so that the body on the whole gas flow. When you eat indigestion, so before the dinner you can pull the Yang Chi point, immediately eat incense. This method we must remember, first rubbing Yang Chi point activating yang, then moxibustion Zhongwan and push the abdomen, the aggregate row out.


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