Liuzhou has officially halted outpatient fluids such as Nanning respond

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Liuzhou has officially halted outpatient fluids such as Nanning respond

2016-07-21 03:06:42 447 ℃

The new look

Survey shows that China's average per person per capita infusion volume is far higher than the international level of 2.5 bottles of -3.3 bottle, the Chinese hospital patients with the use of antibiotics as high as 70%, far higher than the international level of 30%. However, not all diseases need intravenous infusion fluids, after all, is recognized as the most dangerous mode of administration. Since October 1st, Liuzhou City, two or more medical institutions will be stopped outpatient intravenous infusion. Nanning situation how? With your new look......

Whether in the infusion room of a hospital or outpatient visits in the community health service center, in order to better hurry up, a lot of people go to the doctor will be offered to fight Diaozhen. However, in October this year, Liuzhou City, the two and more medical and health institutions (in addition to the unit in the outpatient department of Pediatrics and emergency department) will stop the development of outpatient intravenous infusion of medical services. This reporter has learned that Nanning has no plan in this regard.

In the future can not be outpatient intravenous infusion?

It is understood, stop outpatient intravenous infusion is not equal to not fight Diaozhen, follow advocated by the World Health Organization "oral not intramuscular injection, intramuscular injection of not intravenous use" principle, only in patients appear dysphagia, severe malabsorption (such as vomiting, severe diarrhea, etc.), and the emergence of a critical condition, the rapid development and drug in human organs and tissues should achieve a high concentration to the emergency treatment of the three, can use of intravenous infusion.

The following into the science of time -

Why cancel outpatient infusion?

Cancel outpatient intravenous infusion, it is out of medication safety considerations. Intravenous infusion there are more risks, mainly in the following aspects:

First, adverse drug reactions, and may even lead to allergic shock.

The two is: because the input heat reaction induced by thermal substances such as pyrogen, dead bacteria, free cell proteins or drugs caused by impure.

Three is phlebitis: when intravenous infusion in patients with a longer course of treatment, lost in drug irritation stronger or mechanical damage caused by repeated puncture, and patients with special constitution, operation, disinfection is not strict, will lead to. Because of medication safety concerns, can not be injected into the oral, intramuscular injection of intravenous injection into a world of the basic principles of drug use.

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These diseases do not require infusion

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