The stars old strange pets, known as the dragon, is a commonly used Chinese medicine treatment of tumor, impotence, joint pain

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The stars old strange pets, known as the dragon, is a commonly used Chinese medicine treatment of tumor, impotence, joint pain

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"The stars old fairy, versed in Kung Fu, and the stars old fairy, Almighty, sing the praises of sound, saw a hale and hearty, xianfengdaogu white bearded old man of the stars holding the moon floating in the air, he is the" dragon 8 "stars of old strange Ding Chunqiu. Every time I see here, all people uproarious, so pretty Jin Yong's villain.

We all know the constellation, then what is the constellation of Wudu? The answer is: snake, scorpion, centipede, clam, house lizard.

"The Legendary Swordsman" in the beautiful blue Phoenix founder Wudu, covered in poison. What is the order of the five poisons Wudu? And the constellation Wudu is different, is to remove house lizard spider. It may be that Jin Yong avoided his novel.

Today we speak of is one of the stars to send, teach in Wudu Wudu - centipede. Centipede also known as Tianlong, Wu Gong, Ji maggots, 100 feet, Youyan, money oriented, stone centipede, millipede, thousand foot insects, Ao high mu, like to hide in cool, moist rocks, leaves, the first pair of legs is hooked end venomous.Note that Tianlong also refers to house lizard, do not mix.Centipede pungent and warm, salty taste, toxic, owned by the liver, spleen, lung, with wind will panic and challenged Sanjie, anti tumor efficacy. For curing apoplexy, tetanus, infantile convulsion, pertussis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, impotence, joint pain, diabetic foot, varicose veins, snake bites, and so on.

Centipede is a commonly used anti-tumor traditional Chinese medicine, animal experiments and clinical practice have found that the centipede has anti-tumor effect, widely used in lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, bone metastasis pain, etc..

Centipede can be taken orally, can also be used for external use.

Impotence: Centipede 18 grams at the end of the research, angelica, white peony root, licorice root each 60 grams at the end of the research a 90-120 mesh sieve, two kinds of powder mix, 40 packs were used. Each half a packet of -1 packs of white wine or rice wine delivery service, sooner or later each 1 times, 15 days for the 1 course of treatment. -- "Chinese Journal of traditional Chinese medicine"

Diabetic foot: 6 grams centipede 4, Cortex Phellodendri 12 grams, safflower 10 g, borneol, these drugs with 95% ethanol 1000ml soak 3 days standby. Wet compress with gauze soaked in diabetic foot, 3-5 times a day, 1 weeks of treatment. -- "Chinese modern doctor"

Herpes zoster: Centipede 2, 15 grams, 5 grams of indigo realgar, borneol 5 grams, the amount of vinegar. Centipede slow fire fried deposit research powder, realgar, borneol levigation over 120 mesh sieve, and indigo with vinegar is mixed into paste, daily 2 times, 7 times a course of treatment. - "Chinese folk therapy"

This paper aims to popular science and for the peer reference. Finally, to remind you that the centipede toxic, oral and external use under the guidance of doctors. Once some people drink wine centipede allergy, need to be cautious.

(Xinghua Island author Gao Jinsheng, M.D., Peking University, deputy director of the Shanxi Province Tumor Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine practitioner)

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