The hands and feet are no longer cold by four points

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The hands and feet are no longer cold by four points

2016-09-07 10:19:57 342 ℃

Health care, in addition to pay attention to diet, exercise and rest, but also through the way to massage acupuncture points. Many people stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Cold hands and feet and cardiovascular transport situation, poor blood run cold hands and feet.

Yu Rensheng Chinese medicine health management clinic of TCM clinic Yunting duomeige Peng said that the foot is cold who belong to Yang syndrome. Yang deficiency, can promote blood circulation, warm limbs caused by. She demonstrated four point massage, massage the acupuncture points for a few minutes every day, can strengthen the treatment effect or do health care prevention.

  • Location: Yang Chi point in dorsal stripes, when referring to the extensor ulnar margin of the depression.

  • Efficacy: Yangchi medicine, this name means to store the sun's heat, such as Yang Qi hair, massage can convey body heat. Action: thumb finger massage.

  • Location: located in the arch Yongquan

  • Efficacy: medicine, meridians and more brought together in the foot of viscera, tissues and organs are closely related, especially to stimulate Yongquan beneficial to invigorate the kidney, strengthening tendons and bones. To rub this point will make the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

  • Action: quick rub with the palm of your hand, until the hot feeling better

  • Position: Lao Gong cave is located in the palm of the hand

  • Efficacy: medicine, often press the palms Laogong, have strong heart function, promote blood circulation.

  • Action: make a fist with one hand, on the other hand rub hands palm Department until you feel a fever, then on the other hand, alternately.

  • Position: located in the waist, when the second lumbar spine, the next to open 1.5 inches

  • Efficacy: medicine, massage with warm kidney function

  • Action: his hands clenched, gently rubbing, beating