Pay attention to the prevention of vermin rampant, in case of being stung bite should learn how to first aid

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Pay attention to the prevention of vermin rampant, in case of being stung bite should learn how to first aid

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Some people tick or Paederus bites postprocessing improper life worrying!

Someone is bee sting poison swollen needless pain!

-- some people have been bitten by a centipede, fever, convulsions coma!


Summer is poisonous when are rampant, almost every day we can see this kind of people are insect stings or bites and lead to serious illness and even life-threatening news. When we suffered bites, how to correctly deal with? Today, with everyone understand some common insect stings treatment method.


When the mosquito bites will secrete saliva, leaving the wound redness, itching, pain is very uncomfortable, and even the transmission of dengue fever, malaria, encephalitis, etc..

Coping method:Currently available on the market for the public to choose a lot of anti mosquito bites, the most simple way is to smear the wound at the alkaline soap water, or use salt water to soften swelling, relieve itching.

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Mites bite humans, the release of the antigen or toxin can cause inflammation. Skin damage is generally circular red macules and papules or hill herpes, ranging from size of a grain of rice to soybeans, rash is visible in the centre of the size of the tip rash point, often accompanied by scratches, blood scab, some because of secondary infection and pustules. Mite dermatitis occurs mostly in adults, more common in warm and humid in summer and autumn.

Coping method:Usually pay attention to indoor air circulation, keep dry, sun mats, blankets, cats, dogs and other pets and avoid close contact. Treatment of oral antihistamines and Waicha Jiedu liniment, secondary infection, proper use of antibiotics.


Many people in the outdoor play, may be attacked by negligence or other bees annoyed by their sting wasps.

When the bee stings, application or tip tweezers to pick out needle, attention must be paid to disinfect the tip, aseptic operation. The wound around the skin pinch, the wound exposed, and then squeeze the venom. Immediately with soap and water, soda water or light ammonia alkaline solution, scrub the wound, local inunction Jiedu liniment or corticosteroids. Swelling to cold compress processing conditions can also be the snake tablet research into powder with cold boiling water into a paste for external application. If the situation is serious to quickly go to a doctor.

Paederus []

The black ant like insects in Inter in the summer and autumn of nocturnal, climb to the body surface if was beating or crushed, the in vivo venom will stick to the skin, because of its pH value is 1 ~ 2 was strongly acidic, will immediately dermatitis, strip, sheet edematous erythema and intensive papules, blisters and pustules, and nearby lymph nodes.

Coping method:Usually should avoid contact with them, as it fell on the skin, not in the skin, taking pressure, and take it away. The night should be shut down when the mosquito screens, sleep. In case of poisoning and treatment to oral antihistamines, Waicha Jiedu liniment or external application of glucocorticoid, secondary infection of have increased their use of anti infective drugs.


Ticks active period is 4-10 months each year, it is carried on the body easily cause disease. It will own the head buried in the human skin blood sucking, while the secretion of harmful substances. If not promptly removed, can cause skin diseases, even life-threatening.

Coping method:In the morning, wood outdoor play, to apply water repellent in the body, try to avoid sitting on the grass. Once a tick on the body, do not pull hard, because the mouthparts barb may penetrate body. You can apply the tick with alcohol, and then removed with tweezers. If it is not completely removed, should be immediately to the hospital. Do not touch by hand, such as a high fever, etc., should be treated as soon as possible. It is necessary to remind is, after being bitten by ticks may have one to two weeks of incubation period of infection, in this period of time can not be taken lightly, to further observation and treatment.

The centipede []

Centipede bites the human body will leave a wound with small holes, venom through the wound into the human body, causing severe pain, itching, systemic manifestations of headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, convulsions and coma, etc.. If you are bitten by a large centipede, and even cause local tissue necrosis, causing fever, coma and other systemic symptoms.

Coping method:Conditions should immediately seek medical treatment. If you can not immediately seek medical treatment, it should be immediately with soap and water, lime water, soda water and other alkaline liquid to wash the wound, in order to neutralize the acidic venom of the centipede. Then rinse after dressing, do not use iodine or disinfection water to smear wounds, then immediately to the hospital for medical treatment.


The general habitat in shallow water, but in subtropical jungle, drought horseleech flocks perching on the branches and leaves of grass. The injury is to leech sucking exposed human skin in abroad, and gradually in-depth skin blood sucking. Was edematous papules often bite site due to human causes little pain, sometimes it may be ignored.

Coping method:Don't panic that leech adsorbed on the skin, must not be strong, otherwise the leech sucker will be broken into intradermal infection. Available palm or sole hard slap, after severe vibration tapping, leech sucker and jaws will natural release and prolapse. Can also use vinegar, salt, oil etc. Tucha bite, can play the same effect.

The Department of Dermatology of Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, director Min Zhongsheng / text

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