The correct way to eat Chinese wolfberry in summer

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The correct way to eat Chinese wolfberry in summer

2016-07-21 03:11:57 342 ℃

About the health effects of wolfberry, I will not say more. But it is often said that the Chinese wolfberry eat more easily get angry, especially in the summer. On this issue, we'll have a good look at it.

TCM drugs and there is a cold, hot, warm and cool four attributes, then some tonic, dispersing belong to heat, eat more there will be "lit" symptoms. In fact, as long as the right to eat, can not get angry wolfberry.

First, the Chinese wolfberry belong to the food and food ingredients, since it is a drug, then a goodCan not eat more. 50 or less a day is very safe.

Note: if you are a hot body, can be appropriate to reduce, in addition, a cold fever when you do not eat.

Two, summer can use the medlar soaked in water to drink, because some components of medlar soaked in water insoluble, is not easy to get angry.

Three, the Chinese wolfberry can be placed in the dishes with eating. Such as Chinese wolfberry tremella soup: nourishing wolfberry fruit health, tremella Ziyin Runzao, the two complement each other, mutually reinforcing, eliminating the fire disturbance.

Fourth, the choice of adding Chinese wolfberry products, such as adding the wolfberry fruit extract "Huayi Shenqi of grass", "Hua Yiqi grass tomato slices". In the modern extraction process, the extraction process of the active ingredients can not only enhance the curative effect, but also can not get angry, and is convenient for storing and carrying.