The diet of patients with hepatitis B 6 errors, you caught it?

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The diet of patients with hepatitis B 6 errors, you caught it?

2016-07-21 03:12:51 463 ℃

Introduction:As we all know, there is a cure for liver disease called food therapy, a proper diet can reduce the disease, relieve symptoms. But, in turn, the wrong diet is not only not good for the body, but also may affect the recovery of the disease. So in your choice of therapeutic method, should learn this 6 dietary errors.

Liver disease patients will have a loss of appetite, some patients can not eat too much greasy spicy things, but in addition to these, what is food need to notice? Here to introduce the 6 diet mistakes.1, do not eat chicken and fish

There are many patients in life after suffering from hepatitis will be fasting chicken, fish and other food, because they are considered to be "induced hair", will increase the severity of the disease. That's not the way it is! Chicken and fish are rich in animal protein, can promote the recovery of liver function. So the diet of patients with hepatitis should be based on the high nutritional value of milk, meat, chicken, fish and other animal protein. Protein 60 grams per day to ensure that. Reduce the intake of food, such as milk and sweets, when abdominal distension. However, the dog (heat, will aggravate the disease), crabs, pickled vegetables, salted fish and other food or eat or not eat.

2, do not eat bitter gourd Zhuo

A lot of people in the time of eating bitter gourd, in order to pursue the bitter gourd! So in the time of speculation will not use boiling water boiled. But oxalic acid in bitter gourd will hinder the absorption of calcium in food. So, in the bitter melon before, we should first put the bitter gourd boiled in the boiling water, remove the oxalic acid and then fried. Although the bitter gourd will be less some of the original flavor, but it can let you rest assured that the taste.

3, before the meal to eat tomatoes

Raw tomatoes is also a lot of people love, sweet and sour taste, aftertaste. A lot of people will be waiting for the meal, eat a tomato pad belly. But they don't know, before meals to eat tomatoes to hyperacidity, edible will cause heartburn, abdominal pain and other symptoms. And after the meal to eat tomatoes, because the acid has been mixed with food, stomach acidity will be reduced, you can avoid these symptoms.

4, sauteed bean sprouts less.

Bean sprouts are also common in one of the vegetables, crisp and delicious, but also sweet. But when fried bean sprouts, be sure to stir fry until cooked, because the bean sprouts contain trypsin inhibitors and other harmful substances, if not cooked edible, may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions.

5, carrot juice and wine with the drink

Some girls in the party, not very much like to drink, so on the point of a cup of carrot juice. But since it is a party, it will inevitably drink a little wine, but the carrot juice with the wine is not the same, with the drink will produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease. Therefore, it is recommended that people do not drink after drinking carrot juice, or drinking carrot juice after drinking.

6, letinous edodes excessive immersion

Generally we buy letinous edodes, are also dried dry cargo, is letinous edodes. This type of letinous edodes, before cooking with warm water bubble hair. But letinous edodes is rich in ergosterol, this substance can be converted to vitamin D in receiving sunlight. If the water immersion or excessive cleaning, there will be a loss of ergosterol and other nutrients, so it will The loss outweighs the gain.. So when letinous edodes global, we must pay attention to the time, don't let the rich letinous edodes become flat and uninteresting.

In fact, the life of many seemingly common food, often eat food, often because of the individual's attention, not only failed to taste the inside of the delicious and nutrition, but will bring unnecessary trouble for themselves. Not only is the bean sprouts, regardless of what the dishes must be scrambled to enough of the furnace, only such a dish to eat at ease.