What kind of person is easy to cause uremia?

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What kind of person is easy to cause uremia?

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Hypertension is easy to cause uremia

Hypertensive patients and 2% probability, about each of the five have a will evolve into hypertensive nephrosclerosis, especially blood pressure control is not good, smoking, obesity, blood cholesterol and family of kidney disease, diagnosis of uremic book the opportunity to get more, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Nursing Department of Nephrology director Fang Jicun said.

Because high blood pressure will increase the glomerular pressure, resulting in glomerulosclerosis and fibrosis, renal deterioration of blood circulation, blood pressure and higher, causing blood albumin loss into urine, stimulate renal interstitial inflammation, vicious circle, renal function go downhill.

Moreover, the kidney has the regulation of blood pressure function, the two will be mutual restraint, high blood pressure can cause kidney disease progression, and the kidney is good or bad will also react in blood pressure. In the short term may be because of the mood, acute myocardial infarction, stroke, etc., which occurred within a few days, weeks, may also accumulate over a long period of time to one or two years, to pay only a kidney.

Renal recommendations for patients with hypertension:

1: control of blood pressure control in 135/85mmHg, is the only proper course to take prevent kidney deterioration.

2. Regular medication: widely circulated "blood pressure lowering drugs to eat for a long time the kidney will be broken" is a wrong statement, medication to maintain the stable blood pressure, but can protect the kidneys no longer injured. Ask the doctor to take antihypertensive drugs.

3 monitoring urinary protein: and diabetic kidney disease, remember that every six months to ask the doctor need to check the micro albumin urine.

4 low protein, low salt diet, reduce the burden on the kidney.

5. Usually have to note that appeared in the middle of the night to get up and go to the toilet once or twice nocturia, urinary color foam, such as signs, must be medical examination of renal function.

Herbal remedies, painkillers, love for people prone to uremia

Belgian study pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine can cause kidney disease, mainly containing aristolochic acid, "" composition guangfangji. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine Lei Gongteng, akebiaquinata, mountain arrowhead, sophoratonkinensis, centipede and sting on renal toxicity class most reported. Renal injury in western medicine, French study pointed out that the first is antibiotics, followed by non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), the third is radiological examination by the developer. Should be especially careful painkillers, it readily available, under the banner of side effects small let a person defenseless advertising, stealth in the treatment of aching muscles or cold syrup ingredients, years, the kidneys lose the.

Herbal remedies can cause kidney inflammation, fibrosis, renal tissue slices under a microscope to see, like knife, cut off the scars, and permanent damage, showing its power.

Don't want to have the best health of renal injury:

1 prudent use of drugs: especially of unknown composition of black pills, folk prescription herbs do not eat, painkillers, cold syrup, should read the instructions carefully, know the ingredients and side effects.

2 avoid unnecessary antibiotics, developer, in particular, the kidney function is not good, to remind doctors to see a doctor.

The elderly do not want to go on dialysis fate, the best:

1 control of high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids and other chronic diseases, so as to avoid renal involvement.

. take the medicine according to the doctor's advice, if at the same time eat a few specialties drugs, please the doctor's attentive, don't repeat prescribing drugs or drug mutual exclusion is prescribed.

3. As far as possible to avoid unnecessary developer radiographic examination, to do so, before and after the examination to drink plenty of water, can prevent developer on renal side effects.

4 take care: especially of unknown composition, herbal remedies, black pills, should think twice before taking tonic.

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