Use an egg to remove the moisture from your body. Have you tried it?

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Use an egg to remove the moisture from your body. Have you tried it?

2016-07-21 03:13:54 315 ℃

Moisture is the key cause of the disease and the deterioration of the disease. Due to environmental and dietary habits, habits and other factors, each body will have varying degrees of moisture. Moisture is not removed, will cause a variety of diseases. And there are a lot of ways to wet, today, we are introduced to use an egg to wet!

Suitable crowd:Any person, illness and miscarriage of women is particularly suitable for. And who is always traveling bag, and always in wet weather when the body itch is also very suitable for people. If the lower body odor or itching, but should be used.

Material Science:Take 2 fresh eggs (with native eggs will be better), half pot of water.


Open fire, in the pot into the amount of water, put the shell eggs into the pot (water should be covered with eggs). Water to open 3 minutes after the fire to the minimum, and then cook 15~20 minutes after the fire off the. Nausea 1~2 minutes, put the egg out, while it is hot when the shell is stripped (don't break the egg).

While hot to put the eggs on the face fast (because of too hot), the key is the forehead and eyes, and then roll a roll of the other position of the face, until the egg lost heat.

Symptom:Poke the egg. If the egg yolk is black, on behalf of the damp, damp the size of egg yolk color depth according to the different, the oneself can judged by the naked eye. If the egg yolk is covered with a small amount of small, on behalf of the atmosphere, the size of the atmosphere is based on the size of a small number of different and different.

In addition:With this approach, but also the chest, limbs, and suck out the back and down the damp atmosphere. The upper and lower body (vulva) atmosphere is the shape of the strip, and the upper body and the face is not the same.

Be careful:

1, the egg must be hot, if it is not hot, it is necessary to cook and then roll.

2, the first roll in the leg and arm, shoulder and leg particularly urticant, because the damp atmosphere and sucked out. The first time used to roll the face, the forehead will be particularly itching, mainly due to the atmosphere was sucked out. Lower body was sucked, the smell is not, but also no longer swelling.

3, if this is your first time using this method, and there are more serious poisoning caused by damp and atmosphere, you should to daily with two eggs, a roll in the lower part of the body, a rolling body, until the egg roll after egg yolk no change so far, this process may be a long time, the moisture in the body should be continued for more than a month to suck all the moisture.

People in some areas have just born with the egg rolling body, they regularly (such as 1 times a month) the use of eggs, an egg will be able to remove the 1~2 a clean body of the atmosphere and gas.

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