Honey, do you dare to drink it? Do you know these 3 rumors?

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Honey, do you dare to drink it? Do you know these 3 rumors?

2016-07-21 03:14:10 290 ℃

Yesterday a friend of hardships and difficulties climbing to the top of the mountain, to less than one year old son to buy wild honey. I told him that the child before the age of one is not recommended to drink honey, he didn't understand... As a tonic Jiapin, honey on rumors appeared, everyone confused what is it true what is false? Here are the three rumors, is it true that you know?

Honey crystal is a good honey: home to buy honey for a period of time may be the crystallization of the situation, it was said that only a good honey to crystallization, in fact, is not the case. Honey is honey contains glucose, glucose bubble solution and physical changes caused a phenomenon, due to the instability of the crystallization of glucose, it is easy to precipitation of a crystalline core, which is a natural and spontaneous process, the most pure raw materials or heated honey, save for a period of time will appear to be the crystallization tendency, thus honey crystallization and quality.

Honey contains hormones can cause cancer: about honey contains hormones to make a lot of friends, this is not true? First, honey is by bees collecting brewing nectar of various plants and, undeniable is that pollen contains ingredients of many plant hormones, but these plant hormones and animal in vivo hormone is very different, the role of plant hormones on the human body does not produce hormones also does not directly lead to precocious puberty, not to mention induced cancer.

Honey is suitable for all people to drink: not, in fact, only suitable for most people to drink honey, diabetic patients need to control the amount of sugar, to be careful to eat. Obese people need to control the total body heat, to eat less. Before the age of the baby is not recommended to eat, because honey in the brewing, transportation, storage, easy by botulinum toxin pollution, infants and young children because of weak resistance, edible botulinum will in intestinal reproduction to produce toxins. Liver detoxification function is poor, so it will lead to meat and other food poisoning, so it is not recommended to eat.

The information developed era, all kinds of rumors dancing in the sky. As the saying goes: rumors would stop a wise man, learn the rational judgment, treat correctly, play its due role in the food to obtain health, this is a wise move.

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