The local man wash bath, can "horsegalloping"!

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The local man wash bath, can "horsegalloping"!

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Strong kidney, the kidney is always a man to fill the homework, the kidney method, audible everywhere, can be seen everywhere, but there was no effect of, the effect is not obvious, the people tried to decide. You know how men do the kidney, the way of life in the kidney which is suitable for men, but also pay attention to what the kidney problems?!

One, how to kidney

1, take a bath when more than washing "Golden Triangle" let a man kidney good

We mentioned here that the "Golden Triangle" is not a geographical location, but a man's body, through the stimulation here can play a role in health care.

First of all, Golden Triangle is an inverted triangle formed by the upper edge of the pubic bone and the root of the thigh (the ventral groove).

Secondly, men of the lower abdomen of Jinshan angle can be seen as a triangle, this position is small in size, but focus on the human Ren meridian, kidney, stomach, spleen and liver were five channels, so the location is key position of men health care and disease prevention.

In the triangle in the center of the bottom border is Ren curved bone hole to stimulate this point to kidney, treatment of abdominal distention, urine leaching Lek, and so on. The two end is flush door hole spleen, spleen qi role to stimulate the acupuncture points.

The inverted triangle top is Huiyin, warm water to stimulate the acupuncture points to kidney, treatment of enuresis and pee adverse and so on.

So in the bath hot water to stimulate the this site, to keep the channels open, play a role in male kidney and to treat a variety of diseases.

2, Chinese medicine kidney

Through the traditional Chinese medicine of Tonifying the kidney is a choice of many people, there are many kinds of, the advocate, the most effective, simple and easy to master Chinese medicine invigorating the kidney and strengthening Yang method, the formula is as follows:

Tonifying kidney tonic tea

Raw materials: Flower ginseng 1-2 grams, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, black tea 2-3 grams.

Practices: the three raw water stuffy bubble for about 5 minutes, can be eaten, every day only a seasoning can be repeated brewing, until the water is colorless and tasteless.

Efficacy: even serving 10 days for a therapeutic cycle, and even served 10 days, stop serving 5 days. Generally adhere to a month, impotence due to deficiency of the kidney weakness does not cite Yaoxisuanruan phenomenon can be improved significantly, strong sexual desire, to extend the time, greatly enhance the quality of life, sexual intercourse can be fully satisfied feeling.

Advantages: simple operation, continuous use of natural no side effects, improve kidney function fundamentally, Wenshen impotence, nourishing qi.

Warm reminder: in order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use extra premium to spend, genuine need to spend a reference with the "anti fake verification code", you can check the authenticity. Must spend every day can not be more than 3 grams, Chinese wolfberry must be full, black tea can be packed in bags of black tea or tea, as long as the category of black tea, such as Jin Junmei, is a small hill, etc.. Take this tonic tea should not eat together with radish, resveratrol.

Two, men to guard against these errors

A misunderstanding: the kidney is nourishing

Adult male since about 25 years of age to reach the peak, the couple began to live a year less than a year. In fact, the kidney is only one aspect, the continuous improvement of the physical quality is the most important.

Error two: pepper to shape up

India, South America a lot of people think, similar to the male organ of pepper spicy taste, appearance, just as the fire of love. In fact, the pepper contains only the antioxidant, promoting metabolism, the role of pain, and there is no relationship.

Error three: chocolate to mention feelings

May be the relationship between Valentine's day, people are accustomed to the chocolate and love together. The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, antioxidant, lowering blood pressure, but never let people brave the night.

Misunderstanding four: "love the taste of truffles"

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that truffles had the effect in the view of the impact of many modern europeans. But according to the famous American truffle expert on exposure, truffles contain musk flavor can only be prompted pigs during the estrous and no evidence on the effect.