The homology of medicine and food: it for insomnia, moisture, spleen deficiency, edema were Qixiao

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The homology of medicine and food: it for insomnia, moisture, spleen deficiency, edema were Qixiao

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When relatives bring a cake, oblong, powder white outside and inside red waxy waxy, later know Poria cake, white are Poria, red jujube paste. The taste of the incense, aftertaste so far.

Later contact with TCM and learned of Poria cocos is not only delicious food, is the health effects of a lot of drugs, also is the so-called "medicine food homology", insomnia, heavy moisture, edema, spleen deficiency can eat tuckahoe to recuperate.

The processing process of Fu Ling is very special.

Poria cocos Polyporaceae fungal tuckahoe dry sclerotium, parasitic on pine or pine roots, can not be independent growth, now also cultivated.

General from July to September dug out, after removing sediment and stacking "sweating", spread out drying to the surface drying, then the "sweating", repeated several times until the wrinkles now, internal moisture loss, and then dried.

Fuling magical: cure insomnia, spleen dampness, edema, etc.

Ling Gan, pale, flat. The heart, spleen and kidney. The favorable water swelling, dampness, spleen, heart, sleep, here are a few common prescription, for reference.

1, heart palpitations, insomnia

Summary of ancient books:

1. The Shennong Bencao Jing ":" the main chest inverse gas, fear, fright palpitations evil fear, heart node pain, fever, dysphoria, cough with dyspnea, dry coke mouth tongue, Lee urine. Jiufu, Requiem repose, not hunger and sickness."

2 "World Books:" Bu Zhai "Fuling taste for phlegm phlegm main drug, the water, the water can be fuling. The movement of phlegm, wet, and it is feasible and wet."

Modern research:

1. Chemical composition: This product contains beta pachyman, total dry weight of about 93%, and the other containing pachymic acid, protein, fat and lecithin, choline and histidine, ergosterol and other.

2. Pharmacological effects: Poria decoction, syrup, alcohol extract, ether extract, respectively, with diuretic, sedative, anti tumor, lowering blood sugar, increase myocardial contractility. The effect of polysaccharides on the immune function of the immune function. Fuling has protective effect, can reduce the secretion of gastric juice, gastric ulcer inhibition.

3. Clinical study: according to reports, Poria cocos, onion mash deposited on Qihai and Guan yuan acupoint, hot water bag cover, treatment group of postpartum urine retention, the curative effect is remarkable (2000,3:101 "Heze HKAM Journal). With a carboxyl Fuling polysaccharide, intramuscular injection, the treatment of hepatitis, have good effect ("Chinese herbal medicine", 1985,4:43).

Also a carboxyl pachyman used alone, or with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, treatment of various malignant tumors, with enhanced physical fitness, improve symptoms, reduce discharge, side effects of chemotherapy, protect bone marrow, improve liver and kidney function effect (the traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with Journal 1985,2: 115). Fuling also can cure alopecia areata, infantile autumn diarrhea, Meniere's syndrome, schizophrenia.