Dialectical analysis of gouty arthritis and joint treatment, let the fun freely

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Dialectical analysis of gouty arthritis and joint treatment, let the fun freely

2016-07-21 03:16:13 323 ℃

As the saying goes: toothache is not a disease, pain up to life. But there is a pain, it can be said that life is the first pain - gout arthritis! Severe and even with joint swelling pain, joint deformation can not bear to look! Today ask quickly Junlai and you talk about "gouty arthritis" that thing, hope can help to you some of the knowledge of health, maintain good health!

Gout arthritis case

Yang Moumou, male, 54 years old, staff. First visit in February 23, 2008.

Chief complaintOn the double lower limb pain for more than 8 years, and then increased to 4 days.

Newly diagnosed: 8 years ago, the patient did not have the incentive to start a double lower limb pain, accompanied by a slight swelling, it does not affect the walking, taking the "Encyclopedia pill" (for a proprietary Chinese medicine. Pain symptoms can be relieved, but the pain is repeated. 4 days after drinking and eating fish after pain, were worse than before. To the hospital, outpatient, blood white blood cell13.0x10^9/L, rheumatism four tips: 130mm/h, more than the normal ESR, uric acid 600mmoul/L. Diagnosis of gout arthritis.

See.: acute face, double lower limbs pain, to right knee, left foot pain significantly, left foot swelling, contact heat pain, urine normal, red tongue, pulse number.

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosisThe card is: arthromyodynia, heat.

Western medicine diagnosisGout arthritis.

This is unbridled drinking wine hot fishy volatiles, damage the spleen and stomach, spleen, damp heat and phlegm turbid, evil Bizu meridian, stranded in the muscles and joints. When qingrequshi, Xuanbi tongluo. Fang Fang to be four wonderful casual.


Atractylodes rhizome treats 12g 15g Achyranthes root 15g coix seed 30g Plantago 30g Bixie 30g of dandelion of 30g of Flos Chrysanthemi Indici 18G Caulis Lonicerae 30g Kuan Jin Teng 30g futokadsura stem 30g Yinchen 30g Senecio 15g

3 agent, water decoction, daily 1 agent.

Two.(February 26, 2008): still lower extremity pain, to right knee, left foot pain significantly, left foot swelling, contact heat pain, but relatively before reduce, normal urine, red tongue, yellow moss, pulse number. This damp heat is reduced, but the duration of the patient is longer, the hot and humid lingering, need to adhere to medication. Keep the top 7 following suit.

Three.(March 4, 2008): double lower limbs pain significantly reduced, redness, swelling, heat and discomfort was relieved, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, thin pulse string. This heat to further reduce, but to no avail, keep the top 7 following the service agent to complete work.

Four(March 11, 2008): the symptoms have disappeared, the review of blood white cellsSevenX10^9/L, rheumatism four tips: 18mm/h, more than the normal ESR, uric acid 283mmoul / L.

Note: the case of heat, with four wonderful scattered mainly party attending the heat dampness, damp heat, swelling and pain of biped. Supplemented by plantain seed, Rhizoma Dioscoreae hypoglaueae, dandelion, wild chrysanthemum, Herba Artemisiae Scopariae to strengthen the effect of clearing away heat and dampness; bitter Senecio Zhai, heat clearing and detoxifying, eliminating dampness and dredging, rattan of honeysuckle rattan, Kuan Jin Teng, futokadsura stem class drug Qufeng Tongluo, as cited by the drug; full played a total of clearing heat and removing dampness, Qufeng Tongluo analgesic effect. The effect of Leehom.

Through the detailed analysis of the above cases, the diagnosis and treatment process. We believe that we have a further understanding of "gout arthritis", can help everyone in daily life to prevent and treat gout arthritis. Let yourself keep a healthy life, green fresh living environment! Continue to break through, challenge themselves!

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