Old Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine for treating gastrointestinal diseases have the effect

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Old Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine for treating gastrointestinal diseases have the effect

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The human digestive system is the most important organ is the stomach, intestines and stomach is the place of human body and environment to carry out the exchange of substances, a long time do not pay attention to his stomach and maintenance, once got sick, there will be acid, stomach up, stomach pain and other symptoms. In addition, gastrointestinal disease will damage some belonged to acute gastrointestinal disease into a more difficult to cure chronic diseases, long-term chronic gastrointestinal causes harmful bacteria secrete large amounts of toxins, which led to intragastric acidification substances increased leads to gastric mucosal erosion, gastrointestinal diseases, serious harm to the human health.

According to statistics, the number of people died of gastrointestinal diseases every year in the world in more than 10 million, only because of diarrhea deaths of up to about 4000000. Gastrointestinal disease is not a long-term effective treatment or treatment, can cause gastrointestinal mucosal erosion, ulcer, perforation and cancer. At the same time, as a common disease, gastrointestinal diseases, make people not only bear the pain of the body, but also in vivo accumulation of toxins, blocking the body source of nutrition, immunity decreased and cause serious complications, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, liver and gallbladder disease, anemia, can be described as stomach sickness, all ills bushes.

Gastrointestinal disease is common and frequently occurring disease, every 10 people have two people in intestines and stomach distress, the older, incidence rate is high, if not promptly treated, long time recurring, easily turn into cancer is swollen, especially old debilitation of the spleen and stomach, gastric juice lacks but should not tonic too cold, Dendrobium candidum is elderly nourishing the spleen and stomach is the best choice.

Chinese medicine believes that Dendrobium candidum cold, sweet, pale, slightly salty, stomach, kidney, with the effect of Yiwei Shengjin, nourishing yin and clearing heat. Dendrobium candidum into the stomach to stomach fluid enough, receiving decomposition Mizutani, metaplasia of the blood, to nourish the liver, into the kidney nourishing kidney yin, sufficient kidney essence, the essence of blood, nourishing liver yin, to correct the partial hyperactivity of liver Yang, so that catharsis liver function returned to normal, suggesting that tin Shi Hu hepatoprotective effect and protecting stomach.

The Shennong Bencao "records, Dendrobium candidum" long take thick intestines and stomach, light-weight Yannian ", the materia medica" said Dendrobium candidum stomach Yi Chun, is clinking fine quality goods ", ancient medical books have recorded Dendrobium candidum effect on the stomach.

At the same time, modern pharmacological experiments also have proved:

First and foremost, Dendrobium useful ingredients in Dendrobium activity of polysaccharides, alkaloids of Dendrobium can make blood gastrin concentration increased, and gastrin pigment is by scattered in the gastric antrum and upper part of the small intestine mucosa of G cells of the excretory and on slow atrophy gastritis disease cure fruitful.

For example: Dendrobium with pollen, can cure stomach yin deficiency, deficiency heat, thirst, tongue Jiang, Shao Jin;Dendrobium and ophiopogon together, cure stomach yin deficiency, stomach discomfort, retching, red tongue, etc..

In spite of Dendrobium on gastrointestinal disease is such a good role, but in view of the Dendrobium candidum raw material products, eat different, then asGastrointestinal disease patients should choose to eat the best method of the role of it?

Boiled water:

Chang Hong (Dendrobium candidum) alone can boil water, can also add other stomach Jianpi herbs and cook. The compatibility of other herbs with cooking time should be put in advance Akihiro Dendrobium candidum boil about 1 hour after, and then into the other herbs and cook, to efficacy of Dendrobium full precipitation, adhere to a week can be found in the stomach has significantly improved.

Fresh eat:

(if they have never eaten Dendrobium candidum is proposed first with dry goods conditioning) with fresh dendrobe a juice, but in view of the cause of disease of intestines and stomach is not the same, freshly squeezed the water temperature is not the same. A page of excessive stomach fire, can add cold water fresh, on spleen deficiency people fresh water should be heated.

Matters needing attention in patients with gastrointestinal diseases:

Warm nursing. People suffering from chronic gastritis, should pay special attention to the stomach warm, timely add clothes, bedding cover to sleep at night, to prevent stomach cold caused stomach pain or aggravate an old disease.

* diet. In patients with portal hypertensive gastropathy diet should be to warm, soft, light, plain, fresh is appropriate, to do regular quantitative, eat less eat, the stomach often food and stomach acid neutralization, to prevent erosion of gastric mucosa and ulcer surface and aggravating illness.

The mouth maintenance. Gastropathy patients to pay attention to the mouth, do not eat cold, very hot, excellent, too spicy, too sticky food, avoid overeating, quit smoking prohibition.

Fair to convalesce. The occurrence and development of gastric disease and duodenal ulcer are closely related to the mood and mentality of people. Therefore, to pay attention to mental health, to maintain a happy and emotional stability, to avoid tension, anxiety, anger and other negative emotional stimulation. At the same time, pay attention to rest, to prevent excessive fatigue and bring disaster to the rehabilitation of stomach.

This exercise raises. Gastrointestinal patients should be combined with their physical signs, to strengthen moderate exercise, improve the body resistance to disease, reduce the recurrence of the disease, to promote physical and mental health.