The summer is sweating day, sweating is a good sweat

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The summer is sweating day, sweating is a good sweat

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Summer heat, it is sweating detoxification season.

Summer the human body Yang in the table, cou reason loose relief, open pores, just follow the Yang outward trend, perspire all over, enjoy the wet muddy cold poison excreted.This should not hold over summer, air conditioning is not put, or the winter season of easy down the root cause.

But also sweating sweating problems ah, such as sweat, sweat sticky and leave a message asking all sweating problem: heart and hands and feet sweat, sleep sweating, craniofacial hyperhidrosis...

Today, a good talk about sweating slightly!

- good sweat -

Healthy sweat is like this.

Range:Body uniform sweat

Sweat volume:A slight sweat, damp and moist hair

Time:Not sustainable, bursts of sweating

Color taste:A colorless or light yellow, slightly salty taste, no peculiar smell unbearable

Number of times:Sweating two or three times a day, big sweat does not exceed five times

- bad sweat -

These six kinds of sweat to pay attention to conditioning

Chinese have a saying called "refers to the hidrosis, imbalance between yin and Yang, skin is not solid, disease caused by leakage of sweat.

Spontaneous sweating

Not because of the impact of environmental factors, often during the day sweating, sweating more exercise, called "spontaneous". Common in Yang deficiency, Yang is not enough to protect it.


Eat spicy sweating things, such as pepper, ginger and garlic. To use the Yiqi Gubiao products, Astragalus porridge is suitable for the virtual table sweating.

Rice 50 grams of porridge, then to 20 grams of astragalus extract, Astragalus juice add in the porridge, to a small fire heating for 5 minutes, add sugar, seasoning take lukewarm. The soup shop Huangqi in pharmacy or market to buy.

Nursed back to health

Lines should pay attention to raise the Yang Qi, should often practice deep breathing, at noon the sun back, palm, are very good ways. Anrou Yin cleft points, can be effectively improved, moxibustion is better.

Yin points is one of the heart meridian of hand Shaoyin acupoints, located on the volar forearm, 0.5 inch wrist stripes. With the thumb pulp by rubbing, hands each three minutes. At noon before going to bed at night before going to bed.

Night sweat

Sweating during sleep, wake up naturally not sweating, called "night sweats". Common in Yin deficiency, accompanied by heat, thirst, easy to get angry, poor sleep quality and so on.


Not spicy food sun sweats, so more suitable for Yin Sheng, nourishing yin and gas products, such as tremella, lotus etc.. In particular, spring and summer Yang Sheng Fa, if sweating increased, try ebony jujube water: use the five ebony five jujube boiled water to drink, take a week.

Plum also has the effect of nourishing yin and Qi, too lazy to cook ebony water you can drink some plum.

Nursed back to health

The sleep temperature than the average slightly more, avoid too thick quilt, heating overheating, two very important points: early to bed and early to rise abstinence meditation. Bedtime meditation is a good way to do it.

Before going to bed, legs freely sit cross legged on the bed, spine straight, focus in the lower abdomen, abdominal breathing, feel a whiff of the lower abdomen heaving to a call. Feel relaxed and sleepy, you can lie down to sleep.

The head of sweat

The head is usually in the virtual table sweat, Yang steam in the head. If overeating after appear craniofacial hyperhidrosis, also felt epigastric fullness, thirsty, do not want to eat, indigestion, if accompanied by heavy limbs weakness, stomach discomfort, want to vomit, the body heat, tongue thick and greasy yellow is damp heat in the spleen and stomach.


Eight points per meal can be, diet should ease, avoid spicy greasy. If it is food, eat or drink some vinegar to alleviate hawthorn tablets. If it is hot and humid, you can taste the tea.

Hawthorn 3, lotus leaf amount into the thermos cup with boiling water, simmer for 3 minutes. Can drink, especially suitable for damp heat body fat, and more sweat.

Nursed back to health

The head sweat most avoid blindly boost Yang, so aerobic exercise micro sweat profusely, avoid angry, stay up late. Knead the abdomen before going to bed is the most appropriate.

His hands stacked with the palm Laogong acupoint sticking abdomen, slightly clockwise rubbing the abdomen to fever.

Hand and foot sweating

Foot often wet by sweat, spleen wet steam, adjacent to the limbs caused by hand foot. If the hot feeling is Yin blood deficiency; hand foot heart cold is insufficient in Zhongyang.


Whether Yin blood deficiency or Zhongyang weak, should pay attention to spleen dampness. Avoid greasy cold, hard food. Yam Decoction of Nourishing Spleen Qi wheat sweating, is the most appropriate.

Floating wheat 15 grams, 15 grams of yam, two with fried soup 150 ml, seasoned with salt, morning and evening for 1 times.

Nursed back to health

Sweating more, should try to keep the foot dry and ventilated, not through thick socks. Every night before going to bed feet. Symptoms, to soak water.

Every day before going to bed with 50 grams, 50 grams of Radix Puerariae Schizonepeta boils feet (hand) 10 minutes.

Chest sweating

Common in mental workers, this population often accompanied by mental fatigue, loss of appetite, poor sleep, dreams and other symptoms, thinking over Erzhi heart and spleen weakness.


The less difficult to digest food, lotus congee help Yangxin Yiqi, improve the symptoms of chest sweating. Take longan, lotus seeds, red dates 50g, 100g glutinous rice, porridge to eat, can often wear.

Nursed back to health

Do not stay up late, adhere to the appropriate exercise. Such as jogging, Tai Chi, eight Jin, to ease the pressure, adjust the body and mind. Poor sleep, suitable for listening to the heartbeat before going to bed.

Supine, hands and feet naturally spread, palms up, relax each muscle, the weight to the bed. Gently close your eyes, breathing gradually light gradually slow, focus in Tanzhong point (two milk midpoint), listen to the beating of their own hearts, natural sleep.

Privates sweat

Abnormal sweating usually privates and Yang weakness, there is a close relationship between liver and gallbladder damp heat. There may be emotional stagnation, lymph swelling, bad breath, body odor, acne and other symptoms. Axillary sweat can also refer to this.


Diet light, avoid greasy spicy. Can often drink chrysanthemum tea.

The Pu'er Tea after washing with 200 ml boiling water, after 20~30 seconds to filter out the tea, chrysanthemum tea will soak into the drink.

Nursed back to health

Often beat eight virtual, especially after getting up.

Eight empty is two cubits, two, two, two popliteal armpit thigh, easy blood retention in this evil evil, that cause disease. Often beat eight empty to regulate the operation of Qi and blood, hollow palm or fist, from light to heavy, each shot 99 under eighty-one.

There is a more special case, sweat more sticky, and even color. Chinese medicine called "small intestine function" is the main function of the small intestine, the diet "its essence to its dregs". Small bowel dysfunction, will not voicing, dirty fluid.Then pay particular attention to the warmth of the stomach, can be used to warm the stomach for navel.

A small number of people due to the physical relationship, usually easy to sweat. If no other discomfort, you do not have to worry too much. The pen from the flower of the medical mirror "said:" night sweats due to deficiency of yin and spontaneous as Yang, although also adheres to the quality so, zhongsui accustomed, this do not have to rule it. "

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After exercise sweating, what to drink more healthy?

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