The world's longevity, Guangxi Bama longevity tips interview

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The world's longevity, Guangxi Bama longevity tips interview

2016-07-21 03:24:04 383 ℃

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's ideas have been changed, people pay more attention to health. Physical health, mental health, prevention of disease are very concerned about the modern people, the next, the small series will introduce some of the elderly in health care knowledge.

Health care knowledge for middle aged and elderly people

Many people think that ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, gelatin is a longevity medicine, can help people live longer. But in fact, these three drugs are real longevity drugs, and do not spend a penny!

1, balanced nutrition, human beings know, water, protein, cellulose, fat, sugar, minerals, dietary fiber is within the human body essential of seven substances, to physical health, longevity, these must be balanced.

2, exercise, regular exercise can improve metabolism, resistance to disease, promote blood circulation, the traditional opinion, often active muscles can tranquilize the mind.

3, contentment, long-term negative emotions will lead to a decline in people's resistance, CNS disorders, psychological problems and so on. However, good psychology has the advantage of promoting longevity, improving resistance, and fighting against stress.

A small way to solve malnutrition

People to old age, physical fitness and the various functions will gradually reduce, especially prone to malnutrition, if there is malnutrition, how to do?

1, because each person's physical condition, height, weight, the food, the best so nutritionists according to their own situation, for their own to develop a suitable for their own nutrition plan and calculate the accurate to the types and amount of food.

2, eat much food less, the elderly digestive absorption capacity decreased, it is recommended to eat less more meals, and don't always on bread and water, appropriate to eat some meat or eggs food, eat more fruits and vegetables.

3, drink plenty of water. The first white boiling water, drink some tea also can drink beverages, such as sugar, to drink water.

4, pay attention to food safety. Old people should eat fresh food, do not be afraid to waste will always eat leftovers, eat barbecue, barbecue, pickles, etc.. Finally, according to the needs of their own health care to buy a regular health care products.

Old people in the sun

Many elderly people are very weak resistance, this time a small series recommended more sun. Especially in the winter, go out to bask in the sun, the activity of the body helps to prevent osteoporosis, and can release the mood. The sun has plenty of infrared rays, can expand capillaries, accelerate blood circulation. Therefore, the elderly should be more in the sun, to protect the health of the oh.

The body is the capital of revolution, we should pay attention to their own physical health. Small make up think, as long as in daily life, more careful study of daily health care knowledge, then it will be harvested.

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