The dog health knowledge seven class should be an antidote against the disease

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The dog health knowledge seven class should be an antidote against the disease

2016-07-21 03:28:15 330 ℃

July 17th is the day of the V (the third day after the summer solstice), obviously, different people, the constitution is different. Preserve one's health, the best season to three dog days of summer is preserve one's health, the first to look at the constitution belongs to which type, again targeted regimen.

1, Enron calm

Such a well marbled, strong, moisturize hair, eyes of God and energetic; both cold and heat; the situation of strong adaptability; character calm, emotional change; good sleep. The principle of such people is always good coordination of yin and Yang, Qi and blood, promote metabolism. There are no taboos in diet.

2, phlegm dampness

Such people waist and abdomen fat, heavy burnout, limb; dry mouth and do not like drinking water, often tightness in the chest or abdominal fullness, heaviness of head, reflecting slower, sleepiness. People should maintain phlegm to liver qi, maintenance should focus in spring and winter. The diet should eat with stomach, Qi, promoting blood circulation, such as orange peel, rose, jasmine, etc..

3, Yang Deficiency

Such people afraid of the cold, body temperature, often induction back and below the knee cold, be fond of warm food, character and more quiet easily God burnout is lazy, don't like activities. Deficiency of the spleen and kidney, active body building. The diet should not eat cold, cold, thick and greasy food, like pear, banana, melon and so on. Should eat warm food, such as litchi, longan, lamb, etc.. Yang who want to exercise all year round physical exercise, more than the sun.

4, Qi deficiency

Such people tired limbs, muscle soft, don't like activities, slightly activity is sweating, cold and heat tolerance of poor, likes quiet lazy words, eye less God. Qi tonifying the spleen and lung should be more cautious, to shelter evil. Diet should eat the nature of the calm, partial temperature of things, such as yam, longan meat, lotus seeds, etc..

5, yin deficiency

Thin and lanky, such people are afraid of hot, hand, foot and heart heat, partial dry skin or partial oil, skin color red, facial reddish or zygomatic red, often Hongre sense, dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, not Naixia heat; partial dry stool or constipation, urine short yellow.

Yin deficiency regimen principle is nourishing yin and purging fire, sedative, to scheduling diet, mind maintenance based (Yin partner remember not to hot foot bath, oh). The diet, not eat spicy, spicy, warm dry food. Should the food moist things, such as grape, pear, bitter gourd, cucumber, also can often eat Lily porridge, yam porridge.

6, damp heat quality

This kind of color slants yellow, "muddy" and refreshing feeling; often chest tightness, bad breath, mouth pain, tired of eating fat glycerol products; dry stool node or sticky lag uncomfortable. People should take the maintenance of damp heat, spleen dewetting, shuganlidan. The diet should eat light to wet, such as wax gourd, bitter gourd, green beans, barley, kelp, etc.. The summer will focus on eliminating dampness.

7, Yang heat

The human frame strong, ruddy, loud, rude hi cool heat. Yang hot person of quality and maintenance should be to nourish yin fluid. The diet should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially cucumber, bitter gourd, watermelon, pear, apple, sugar etc..